Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a reaction to laura's blog

ok...most people have now seen laura's blog post that shows me getting clowned by her and her dance slap revenge. congratulations go out to dan, laura and eskay for a job well done. it was well executed, recorded and edited. all of this at my expense, but excellent none the less. with that in mind, laura has to know that this war is not over. i refuse to go down like that.

on the other hand, i am 30 years old and maybe it's time i grow up a little bit. laura and i have had our fair share of back and forths and maybe i should just assume that over the years we are more or less even. also, i am concerned with the growing sentiment of most people backing laura and siding with her on our fight. i have mentioned to her that because of this, people won't find what i do nearly as funny or satisfying whenever i do happen to get my revenge...which could happen at any moment laura...look behind you! ok that probably did not scare her...or did it?! check your shoes might not like what you see. again, these are lame, but give you an idea of the campaign of fear and paranoia that i am hoping to wage over the next 10 years or up until i get my revenge. because of the laura-favored sentiment as well as the admittedly awesomeness of her revenge, whatever i do will have to be that much more elaborate and humiliating.

but what should it do? i have hinted that someone who is close to her, who she would never expect, would turn on her in some sort of fantastical revenge prank. she will not fall for another dance slap unless it is cheaply done and that will just not satisfy me. i will have to think long and hard...consult with those who may still be in my camp and plan it out. the internet is a good tool for are some hilarious ones that have piqued my interest. let me know what you guys think.

these pranks are pretty classic.

this one is simple yet effective.

this might be too much effort for too little payoff.


let's just hope it doesn't backfire like this one.


Tobin said...

I would like to vote for the slap fart, since that was by far the funniest.

Laura said...

kevin, lets be honest, we are getting too old for this. i say you let sleeping dogs lie. if you get me back, i will in turn, have to get you back.

not too mention, my revenge was like a fine wine, nicely aged. for your revenge to be as sweet as mine, you would have to pull off something that would be so magnificant, it would defy the laws of physics or you would have to wait 20 years. you are not one to wait 20 years so let it go.