Wednesday, October 15, 2008

this is how amazon got so rich

i have been a little lazy with blogging, but now that dave has decided to post something, i will do the same. let me pose this questions to the 2 of you:

do you love to track packages that you order online?

because i do and admit it, you do too. it might be my favorite aspect of ordering stuff i don't need online. usually once i actually receive the package, it is a let down from the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive.

now this may be more of a result of again, being bored at work and looking for any diversion possible. i have actually been really busy lately and while the days tend to go by faster, it still sucks. it may also speak to the slightly obsessive-compulsive behaviors that i have begun to exhibit as i get older.

yesterday i placed an order for products online (steroids) and once i received the e-mail from the steroid emporium stating that the shipment had been shipped and this included a tracking number...i was pumped. get it? because earlier i was joking about ordering steroids! seriously, sometimes these things just go way over your guys' heads. really, the substances i had ordered were legal in most u.s. states.

anyways, i have tracked this package 5 or 6 times with little movement having occurred. it started out in colorado and as of 12:41 am, has made its way to tennessee. the expected date of arrival is october 17 by 4:30 pm...but i have a feeling it might make it to my house by tomorrow! who knows what will happen??? this is craaaaaazy! and that's part of what makes tracking shipments so much fun. note that i went with the free shipping option (trying to live my life with more of a "wwldbd?" focus) and i also opted for no signature required, thus allowing the deliveryman to leave the package by the door or next to the frog. i bet your head is spinning with all of these delivery variables.

so now i sit and wait. i will check the status of my shipment throughout the day, watching it move closer and closer to its final destination. i will follow the story of this package's journey across the country, which i assume is like a fedex version of milo and otis.

maybe this guy has my package, if not he needs to stop giving me that creepy look.

once i get my shipment i will be all
but then the initial excitement will subside a little and i will be more
and then finally all of my excitement will be over and i'll be like


Jess said...

Thank you for pointing out your jokes in paragraph 5.

If you hadn't done so, I would probably still be staring at your blog post, having gotten hopelessly lost in the textual labyrinth you spiked with semantic ambiguities and syntactic minotaurs.

david said...

hmm...syntactic minotaurs-a scourge with which the caverns of universal grammar teem.