Friday, June 5, 2009

i am no jon arbuckle

gonna take a quick break from my star trek story to note a recent revelation i had about my life. now i know i whine and complain about girls and stuff a lot on this blog, but whatever, that's what blogs are for sometimes. that's just the way it's gotta be sometimes. anyways, i took jessie to the vet last night as her ears have been bothering her. they also had to test her urine to make sure her uti was gone. well they got the sample and brought her back to the exam room where i was. jessie then begins to pee. not her normal squat and pee maneuver i have seen thousands of times. she was just standing as if nothing was going on and pee was shooting out from behind like she suddenly sprung a leak. i immediately yelled for her to stop and made her move. i quickly grabbed some paper towels, hoping i could clean it up before anyone noticed. then i looked at jessie, now peeing where i moved her to. it was ridiculous. i was scrambling around trying to clean up what ended up being about 10 different puddles of pee in something out of a stupid movie. this ridiculousness lasted about 5 minutes and i was able to "clean" it up, but as soon as the vet came in, i was like, we gotta change rooms.

ah, the new vet. she was of course really cute and age appropriate and she seemed to really like jessie. i considered trying to chat her up a little bit beyond the normal pet stuff, but who are we kidding? anyways, at one point during this visit, i looked at big fat, brindle jessie and wondered, is my life turning into a real life version of garfield? where i have a crush on my vet who takes care of my slovenly, striped pet? this realization was about 60% amusing, 40% depressing.


acpirate said...

or are you?

garfield minus garfield

kevin said...

that is probably pretty accurate alex. also, i forgot about garfield minus garfield...pretty awesome.