Monday, June 8, 2009

i need to find my inner slater

because i know all of you care about my ongoing saga of being lame and single, i will note another evening out i had this weekend. saturday night i went to this bar that had ping pong tables with chris, bub, jill and bub's roommate nora. we ended up playing with this group of 3 cute girls. bub invented a game that allowed all 8 of us to play across 2 tables. i was next to the hottest girl, who jill described as a prettier lisa turtle and who i thought sort of looked like christina milian.

anyways, she was really cool and funny and we chatted a bit, often high fiving paddles when we got a point for our team or else when she successfully defended the abyss. either way, the night was set up pretty well for me to make a relatively low risk attempt at getting her number:

  • i came with a group of people, boys and girls ( i feel like arriving in a mixed group like that seems less creepy and desperate)
  • she smiled at me quite a few times
  • i didn't say anything incredibly stupid
  • we had a sweet play where she popped the ball up off her arm and i slammed it for the point
  • there were not a lot of other guys around trying to compete for their attention
  • i was not drunk at all (no liquid courage to make me not a pussy)
  • she was way too hot for me (obviously)
  • the bar closed too early, i feel like another round of abyss ball and i maybe (probably not) could have made a move
oh well, another weekend, another regretful lack of trying. this has to stop and i need to man up. i don't know what i am so worried about. so what if she says no? it wouldn't be that big of a deal. i feel like i should have gone through this stuff when i was much younger. i also need to find the right balance of drunk. not be 10 drinks in, nor completely sober. i was the driver that night, so that is part of my excuse, but i think my friends are gonna have dd for me so that i can get moderately drunk...say 5 drinks?

another interesting note was that i wore my sambas after dave's gf made fun of my shoes last weekend. 3 different girls commented on how much they liked my shoes..granted 2 of them were jill and nora, but still...i'll take it. anyways, next week will be a different story, hopefully.

(i was looking for video of the episode where lisa breaks her foot and wins the dance contest at the max with screech but couldn't find it.)


Phil said...

was it Comet?

kevin said...

yeah, it was comet. also bub worked me like a mule on a dry day at the ping pong table.

david said...

bub is pretty nasty at ping pong

Tobin said...

I'm sure people have told you this before, but you really don't need to drink to get courage to talk to girls, I used to feel the same way, but I realized I was just basically using it as an excuse. You can be chatty sober, I've seen you do it! In fact, the best strategy is to get them to drink more than you, so that you can be semi-coherent, and they're more easily impressed.

kevin said...

yeah, i know i shouldn't need to drink, but it certainly loosens me up a little bit. i may have been chatty sober, but not with complete strangers. i definitely agree with the get the girl drinking plan as i will certainly seem cooler.

Dan said...

maybe tobin is your data, kevin?

Steven said...

Kevin you may get rejected like a midget in the NBA, but keep on shootin'.

kevin said...

that might be my favorite comment ever on this blog.