Friday, June 5, 2009

spock is kinda turning into a serious a-hole

the story continues. if i loser it up this weekend, then i will have time to really dig into this story and makes some progress. for now, here is what i just wrote in the last 10 minutes. as usual, and i will stop asking and just know it is assumed, but please leave any feedback in the comments.

Most of the crew, well at least all the major movers and shakers were sitting around the buffet table, enjoying their meals (in space pill form) and trying to listen to Bones yammer on about his plan. Kirk has already dozed off and Spock was making threatening facial gestures towards Jordy, who unlike Scotty, knew better than to escalate matters. The plan is complicated and Bones isn't even 100% sure it will work correctly. “Basically, if my calculations are close enough, then it should work. We all need to enter the reactor pods completely nude...” explains Bones. Whoopi cackles “Oooh child...I bet you would love that!”. Clearly disturbed, Bones tries to continue his explanation. “Anyways...once in our assigned reactor pods, I will remotely activate the centrifuge. Once it begins, the pods will release space gas to put us to sleep. The spinning will eventually generate 88 metric tons of space pressure per space meter. That magic number, combined with the reverse osmosis will send us and the ship exactly 2 months back in time so we can easily pretend like we are not feeling well and avoid the moon mission.” At this point, Bones is essentially talking to himself. “I should have just let that bear eat me that one time...” he mumbles to himself. Picard, realizing that Bones has finished with his little presentation, stands up, yawns mockingly and declares “Ok everyone, let's just do what poindexter here says and -” Chekov interupts “But sir, doesn't this all seem a little risky? It's just a week. We'll all be fine after that.” Picard's face and voice suddenly take a more serious tone. “You little shit. Do not ever interrupt me again! Do you realize who I am? I'm the motherfuckin cap'n son! You mess up like that again, and my Vulcan buddy over here will make sure your screams can be heard in outer space.” Chekov glances over to Spock who is flashing a fucked up joker smile and is licking his lips. Chekov nervously agrees “I'm in. Let's go..back to the future...uh I mean past. Spock please stop staring at me. I'll be good now.”


Dan said...

this fan fiction is space trash.

acpirate said...

I approve of reverse osmosis