Thursday, June 4, 2009

star wars

i have recently become aware of the phenomena known as fan fiction and i found the idea pretty intriguing. now even though i have not technically watched much star trek, i sort of get the gist i think. i'm a pretty sharp guy. while i may not know many specifics, its presence in pop culture gives me a good enough idea of how things work. i assume the show has a very rich history i can mine from and has many fans that might find my take on the star trek universe fun and entertaining. i'm not saying these will be better than actual star trek stories, although i am not ruling the possibility out, but we'll see where it goes. i just started writing it this morning and am using my usual write as i go with no idea where it will eventually end up.

i have already been chastised by dan for writing this when i am not a "trekkie" or whatever you nerds call yourselves. nam has also pointed out that jess wrote some trek fan fic when she was like 15. either way, i have spent about 30 minutes crafting the beginning scene or whatever for my story. i realize that i am not a very good writer right now, but hopefully i will improve some as i go. i will post what i have so far below. please provide any feedback positive or negative about what i have written so far, as well as any suggestions. thanks!

Untitled Start Trek Adventure

Captain's Log #345

We have some downtime whilst awaiting our redeployment next week. Unfortunately, due to the mishap on the moon, we are all quarantined here on this fucking ship. I swear to god that I will murder everyone on board if they can't expedite this process and give us some god-damned leave. I am getting too old for this shit.

Tensions are high aboard the S.S. Enterprise as nobody will take full blame for what happened on the moon. The crew has been on duty for 6 straight months and now their leave time is being used up. They just can't catch a break. Everyone sits around eyeballing each other, barely speaking a word. Spock, clearly one of the most upset crew members, steps down from his garish throne and intensely locks eyes with Scotty. Not being one to ever back down, Scotty stands up from his side-lying position at the bay window and aggressively approaches the cold-faced Spock. The present crew members focus their attention on the potential face-off as at least a means of entertainment if not a form of justice as many place the blame of the moon fiasco solely on Spock's broad Vulcan shoulders.

Both men now stand facing each other in the middle of the room, posturing up and looking tough. “Oh man...I have been waiting for this moment for a loooooong time...are you ready to be murdered by these fingers?” asked Scotty. Spock calmly replied “According to my calculations, you will lose this fight so bad, you died yesterday....and so did your Momma!” An enraged Scotty gets in Spock's face “That's it, you ready to fight?” “No fighting...” Scotty raises his eyebrow and looks confused. Spock continued, “...just kissing.” Scotty scans the room to get confirmation from his fellow crewmates that this took a weird turn. Spock smiles and leans in for the kiss, but quickly changes course and takes a huge chomp out of Scotty's unsuspecting nose. Spock then spits out the nose chunk and causally walks away. His smug expression is only matched by the horror on Scotty's face as dark red blood projects out of his nose hole like a fruit punch fountain dispenser. Even though their was a collective gasp and scream of horror from Sulu, everybody else acts like they didn't see it cause it's really gross.


acpirate said...

that is 6 kinds of awesome, need to draw illustrations also

kevin said...

now that is the kind of response that i can appreciate. maybe dave or ben will comicize the story as i go.