Thursday, June 4, 2009

sequel to star wars

well most people have enjoyed what i have written so far. i just spent another 30 minutes writing a little more, which i will post below. ben just came up with a genius ending to the story that doesn't even have a plot yet. and by genius, i mean, so good that i don't know if i should even use it. again, please post your feedback. anyways, the story picks up after the spock-scotty altercation.

Nurse Uhura dutifully stitches Scotty's nose back on his face using a little elbow grease and a lot of space thread. “Oh Scotty, why do you always allow that a-hole to suck you into his weirdo mind games?” Scotty shrugs his shoulder, lets out a sigh and avoids eye contact. Last night Scotty had professed his horniness to Uhura, only to have her admit that she was horny for someone else. She wouldn't admit who, but he had his suspicions. “Just make it so I can smell again...” Right then Sulu walks by “Mmm, you're kinda ripe already dude.” He smiles, high fives Uhura and she exclaims “Amen to that!” All 3 burst out laughing simultaneously, Uhura and Sulu share a knowing glance that is not noticed by Scotty. Or was it?

Back on the bridge, Captains Kirk and Picard are mulling over what could have become of their planned double date if they weren't quarantined. “I would totally have gotten the hot one.” explains Picard. “The ladies love 'cardy!” Kirk asks “Why is everything a competition with you? They both probably would have been hot, at least that's what Data told me and his tastes are impeccable. Either way, we'll never know. Stupid moon. I hate you moon!” Just then Bones comes excitedly bumbling into the command center. “Captain! I think I may have figured out a way to get us out of this pickle! What we need to do is what's known as 'time travel'.” Both captains look at each other. Captain Kirk mentions “I've never heard of that.” Picard throws in his two cents “It sounds stupid.” “Sirs, it's not stupid and can make it so that we never have to undergo that situation on the moon and be able to bypass this quarantine, thusly getting our leave time.” Kirk asks “Well are there any risks involved?” Picard snaps back, “Whatever, who cares about 'risks'...quit being such a baby and let's just do what nerdboy here wants to do so we can go on our double date. I call no Klingon!” Kirk, realizing he has been beaten to the punch, hangs his head low and attempts to focus on Bones' plan.


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haha well done.

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thanks for the positive comments guys...i'll just not worry about the haters (dan). hopefully i will keep the momentum going and write some more today.