Wednesday, November 11, 2009

...but i've seen everything

as my readers probably know, i am a pretty big star trek fan and my previous attempt at fan fiction should prove that. ok, so maybe not enough of a fan to know most of the characters or ever watch the show or movies, but that's not the point. i did not see this newest star trek offering that had all the nerds going nuts like paul wall does with the internet. everyone seemed to think it was a good movie, so i do honestly want to see it.

the problem is, i clearly am not gonna buy this movie. i would normally try to netflix it, but i know the waiting list for this dvd will probably be ridiculous. this leaves me with some options to decide on. one of my nerd friends will buy it and either a) bring it to my house and let me borrow it, so i can watch it at my leisure, b) bring it over and if it is convenient for me, we can watch it together on my tv, or c) if someone does something dumb, like buy it on blu-ray (chris), then i guess i can come over to watch it at their house, but i will not let them know when. i will just show up and throw a huge temper tantrum if either a) they are not home, or b) they don't feel like watching it then or c) are home but busy. if either b or c is the case, then they can always just let me borrow their blu-ray player which i will then take home, watch the star trek movie and either a) pretend like i never borrowed it, b) sell it on craig's list, or c) this was really dumb, but everyone is home for veteran's day.

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