Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my final fantasy draft of the season

our group of friends recently held our annual fantasy football draft, and while it is for the least amount of money amongst all of my money leagues, it might be the one i care about most just for the bragging rights.

we held the draft online for the first time this year...and of course phil did something shady and there were major internet issues, where i almost got screwed out of a pick and nam got 2 of his picks auto-picked....lame.

otherwise the draft went pretty well. it didn't take 4 hours like i had originally thought. i was unhappy with picking 9th...i never get a top pick, but that aspect is tough to blame on phil. overall i am happy with my team, where i don't have the strongest starting group in the league, but i think i have the deepest team.

here are some random like/dislikes/notes from the draft:
  • chris and sean took a lot of players i was targeting (brees, chris johnon, thomas jones, desean jackson)
  • laura grabbing brandon marshall in round 5 could be the steal of the draft
  • dan took a qb early...again
  • i may have reached on favre in round 6, but qb's were going fast
  • phil's roommate took deshaun foster in round 4, wtf??? does she know him personally? or was she using phil's 2oo4 fantasy magazine?
  • i didn't need another rb, but i could no longer pass on ray rice in round 13
  • laura asked about the "chicago browns"... (eye roll)
  • phil taking mcnabb in round 3 was real risky, but i liked it
  • even though he dicked around in the second half of the draft, i think this is by far the strongest team chris has ever drafted
  • why did louis draft matt leinart? what happened to spiro agnew?
  • half of laura's bench is hurt
  • getting ted ginn was a nice move by eskay, but i was otherwise unimpressed with his team...to be fair, i did not like his team last year and they ended up being one of the tops teams
  • finally, my favorite late pick of the draft was dan taking mike sellers


Steven said...
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Steven said...

Kevin, I want to teach you something. In my 20 some odd years of being a winner I've learned, "You don't have to impress to be the best." Quote me on that and put it on your fridge.

kevin said...

while that quote will be posted on my fridge, it will be done so in a mocking way. maybe i will be posting your fantasy losses underneath the quote each week. i have 5 words for you steve...."one quarter of a point". let that one marinate in your head for a while.

Laura said...

I am so frustrated about so much of my bench being injurred. I need to beef up my WRs.

Also, the Chicago Browns are awesome!