Tuesday, November 17, 2009

roommate updates

nickie moved out this weekend and is off to live in the firehouse where she will not have to pay rent. i rarely saw her, but we always got along well. although, on the day she was moving out, i was outside when she was loading up a truck when she exclaimed an amazing comment, "holy shit your hair is long!" i'm pretty sure there's not a better indicator for how infrequently we saw each other than that statement. anyways, i wish her well and i'm sure i'll see her at mcginty's or whenever dave forgets to turn the stove off.

and so with the leaving of nickie, comes the move in of jill, which has already gotten off to a humorous start. first of all she wanted to move in before nickie was moved out. then she had tried to plan out moving things from her casa rivetti as well as some other house that she was buying furniture from. it somehow involved 3 cars, various unnecessary trips, people switching vehicles and just a whole lot of nonsense that made it seem like we were pulling off the thomas crown affair. she had also come up with various floorplans for her room which i found amusingly unnecessary.

anyways, with jill i am expecting various things:
  • we'll see her way more than nickie
  • cleaner house
  • family dinners
  • movie making
  • her and brodie fighting
  • choreographed dances
  • i will be judged for watching too much tv/playin too many videogames
  • rivetti cheapness
  • all of the nasty sweet liquors will finally get drank
  • house band!

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