Friday, November 13, 2009

i have many women in my life

i enjoyed posting my blog with my random instant message encounter. mainly cause i didn't have to really work on it, just cut and paste.

update: gullytodeworld and i did not become friends as i secretly had hoped.

anyways, i think this will be a new, regular blog post i will put together from time to time when i have ridiculous or funny or infuriating instant message conversations with either my friends or the occasional random person. i hope to include various convos with the people i talk to on the daily, so everyone should bring the funny or controversial. these will generally be unedited (unless it paints me in a particularly bad light).

today i was chatting with phil and we talked about the office. he sent me a link to the newish music video:

go ahead and watch it, it's amusing.

anyways, this led to discussing the girl who plays the new receptionist on the show and is in the video. new crush? i wasn't sure, but eventually concluded with a resounding boobs. i also saw this pic:

he then sent me an article she wrote in what became an ellie kemper barrage. anyways here was a portion of our conversation:

[12:58] kingkevin91: interesting
[12:58] turbo2oh: made me laugh
[12:58] kingkevin91: it was good
[12:58] kingkevin91: but didn't make me laugh
[12:59] kingkevin91: maybe if she read some of my blogs...she might get a better hang on comedic writing
[13:00] turbo2oh: apparently she wrote for the onion some as well
[13:01] kingkevin91: ok
[13:01] kingkevin91: well i will send her a message on myspace and see if she wants to go out sometime
[13:30] turbo2oh: cool
[13:30] turbo2oh: maybe a double date?
[13:30] kingkevin91: she said next friday the 13th
[13:31] kingkevin91: it's on
[13:31] turbo2oh: wow she accepted fast
[13:31] kingkevin91: yeah, she's prompt like that
[13:31] kingkevin91: i should know
[13:31] kingkevin91: since she's my new gf
[13:31] turbo2oh: wow
[13:31] turbo2oh: is she pregnant?
[13:31] kingkevin91: she just gave birth to our triplets
[13:32] turbo2oh: thats a lot of responsibility
[13:33] kingkevin91: yeah....
[13:33] kingkevin91: you're right
[13:33] kingkevin91: i might try to make a break for it
[13:33] turbo2oh: find a cheap copy of halo wars yet?
[13:33] turbo2oh: i havent played it awhile
[13:34] kingkevin91: let's quit beating around the bush
[13:34] kingkevin91: just buy me a copy already

a couple things to note....not our best effort, but this is what i had to work with today. also, it does a good job of illustrating my getting a little carried away with celebrity crushes, which i am confident everyone considers to be a charming aspect of my personality. finally, that last part about halo wars seems out of context and it was but i thought it also showed my willingness to be a team player.

i also want to add my other new crush, also on nbc thursday nights, aubrey plaza.


Phil said...

haha i still dont get your fascination with the p&r girl. shes pretty average.

Wise Wood Organics said...

I strive to be a featured im'er on your blog. i fancy myself pretty amusing from time to time!