Tuesday, November 17, 2009

we never thought we'd find a place where we'd belong

dave will be finishing up school in about 1 month and with it, get his degree as well as enter the highly competitive job market. while discussing possible careers we happened upon an idea that would use his linguist skills. he might have to pitch this idea to some sort of government agency, but i think it would be warmly received.

the premise would be that dave would go undercover in laurel high school and pose as the newly transferred "bad boy". from there he would infiltrate the school's underbelly and begin associating with the powerful gangs. he would use his charm to gain their trust and really study and analyze the current slang used in the various drug trafficking, gang wars, robberies, etc. he would compile his data and report back to the various law enforcement agencies or whoever he would narc to.

i suppose television has taught us that there is also the likelihood that dave gets in too deep, gets caught up in the lifestyle. like the moment they want to make sure he's for real and have him smoke crack, pound on some nerd or mug an old lady, he gets a taste of the criminal life and finds that he likes it. who knows? what do you think of this idea?


Phil said...

sounds like a narc, i like it

kevin said...

hahaha....you would.