Tuesday, November 17, 2009

jellyfish are the key to a women's heart

ok, i'm straight bloggin! not once, twice, or even thrice, but whatever the version of 4 is, posts in one day.that's definitely a record and i must be extra slackin at work. anyways this final post of the day discusses an ongoing debate/joke i have been having with an unamed friend. a while back he was discussing purchasing a new hd tv for his bedroom. he already has a tv, but he seemed to "need" high definition and that it would really "bring his room together" and "be enticing for the ladies". i of course arbitrarily decided i was against this idea and decided i would find some other purchase that would be a better use of his money.
after some internet searching i discovered a pretty sweet looking neon jellyfish tank. since i am an expert in all things female, i explained to said friend how telling a girl in a house party type atmosphere "hey, i have a sweet looking neon jellyfish tank up in my room. wanna check it out?" is a lot more interesting and unique than saying "i got a big, flat tv in my room. want to watch it?"
what do you think? am i right or am i right? if you are a girl and are reading this, you are not single, but remember back to those good ol' days....which approach would work best?


Phil said...

for a second date ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OFJs129AvI&feature=fvw

kevin said...

yes, that is a good idea. thanks for commenting, something all my lame friends know nothing about.