Sunday, December 23, 2007


i saw buck at the rivetti family christmas party on saturday. he looked ok...especially considering he is a reasonably large dog and a ridiculous 14 years old. i seem to think that he might even be older than that because i am sure i remember buck being around when i hung out with nick in middle school. anyways, it was really nice to see him. while he no longer barks a lot when people walk in through the front door, he still has the same goofy expression on his face and still seems to get around ok.

i guess the significance of all this for me is that buck is definitely a part of my childhood. he was the first dog i ever really got to know. i have fond memories of him howling and barking over us playing and recording music at nick's house. i remember him getting in trouble for getting out of the backyard and chasing some horrified neighborhood kid down the street. i remember when he ate and then subsequently shit out a rag. one of bub's friends had a knack for luring buck to put his front paws on his shoulders and then walking (air-humping) his way with him around the room. there are countless other memories.

bub made a comment saying that this is buck's last christmas, which made me sad, but it sounds like after 14 years, the rivetti family is more or less ready for the inevitable. maybe he will be around this time next year, who knows? his longevity also gives me a little hope that jessie will be around for a long time or until i get tired of her and return her to the woods. here's to jessie snoring on my couch for another 10 years...

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