Tuesday, December 4, 2007

seriously, who sits ladanian tomlinson???

the regular season for fantasy football is just about over and while 2 out of 4 of my teams are going to go on to the playoffs, i have a few things to gripe about.

gripe #1
in one league with some friends i will be missing the playoffs for the first time ever. i managed to have the 4th highest point total, and yet i am in 11th place, only besting the intern who gave up on her team in week 3. i'm not saying my team was the best, but i think i would have stood a better chance of beating the top 3 teams in the playoffs than the current teams ranked #4-6.

gripe #2
in my keeper league, where i have been doing well, and my team is playoff-bound, i noticed some shady business going on. team 1 has a bad record and is out of the playoff race. they are playing team 2, who is only 1 game behind me for a playoff spot. team 1 decides they will:
  • not play a qb
  • only start 2 rb's instead of the normal 3
  • sit the following players: peyton manning, ladanian tomlinson, purple jesus, mjd, frank gore and steve smith
well team 2 goes on to crush team 1 by 100 points. luckily i won my game or i would be tied with team 2. that is some blatant cheating, and while i would like to call team 1 out on this, i don't really know most of these guys. also, i believe that as the new guy in the league, they are kind of unhappy with my success this season. i might e-mail the commish about this....i dunno.

onto basketball....reading back on my last fantasy update, i sounded pretty cocky. well i was in 1st place and even without arenas, my team was showing up. well my run ended last week, when i lost to blumpkin 7-2, dropping me from 1st place to 4th. ouch. what happened you ask? well chris bosh re-injured his groin. great. marvin williams got hurt. a lot of my good players (mainly roy and granger) decided to get streaky, having shooting nights like 1-12. i discovered that rajon rondo is afraid to shoot. blatche and haywood are cannibalizing each others' stats. peja scores 25 one night and 4 the next. ugh...i feel like my team is becoming the knicks of yahoo league 145124.

can my team sustain itself without arenas? when will bosh be back? i have no idea. i do know that i have to make some roster moves. players i would consider dropping are brendan haywood, andray blatche, udonis haslem, and marvin williams. i am not feeling that comfortable dropping any of these players, but i need some serious help in points, threes, steals and assists.

right now i am considering picking up the following:

pg rashad mccants
sf travis outlaw
pg beno udrih
sg juan carlos navarro
sg willie green
pg sebastian telfair

i dunno...none of these guys really jump out at me. they are either inconsistent, not getting starter minutes or i just feel lukewarm about. i will monitor these guys along with a few others, hope that bosh gets back in the lineup, my players start showing some consistency and maybe make a move that will help me stay competitive.

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