Wednesday, December 26, 2007

winter break

winter break is always a slightly bittersweet thing for me in that obviously it is awesome to get 10 days off of work, but at the same time i can easily find myself being lazy and then feeling guilty about not getting anything accomplished while i am away from work. i am going to try to have a nice balance of getting some things done, while at the same time relaxing, playing videogames and watching movies.

so far break has been good. louise and i took a nice trip to philadelphia, which i will blog about later. we spent christmas with louise's parents, then our roommates and some friends, then my family. all 3 were very nice. we exchanged some presents, ate a lot of bad food and drank a lot. we got a lot of the usual fare of dvd's, gift cards, videogames, some liquor, and fun little toys to play with (like my strangely compelling robot dog). my parents got me a roomba which has already become a huge hit in our house. there's just something funny about doing other stuff while a little robot is navigating around your room. i believe dave and i will be videotaping it and editing the footage into an awesome roomba movie. there hasn't been the predicted tension between jessie and roomba, but we have already been cracking the jokes about how jessie is now obsolete, referring to roomba as jessie 2.0 and the now i am blogging which i guess is sort of like doing something productive. here is a list of things i would like to try and accomplish before i have to go back to work:
  • get my car's oil changed
  • get my car's emissions checked
  • exercise (aiming for 4 good workouts before january 2)
  • get the small crack in my car's windshield fixed
  • eat healthier
  • limit my drinking
  • hang out with eskay, amanda and jevon up in baltimore
  • figure out what (if anything) is going on for new year's
  • clean my closet and throw some stuff out
  • fix my computer
  • blog a lot
  • do something musical or otherwise creative
  • clean out the fridge
so that's a lot of stuff to get to. i know i won't get to all of it and some things are more important than others for now, but hopefully i get an adequate amount done and feel good about my winter break. i think i will try to get my oil changed and emissions checked this afternoon when louise goes to work, clean out the fridge and then go grocery shopping. throw in a short home workout and i will be feeling pretty good. i may even reinstall windows on my computer. then i can just sit back and be lazy, maybe play my new videogame, mass effect, or watch one of my new dvd's guilt-free. also i think i will be working on some best of 2007 lists...but i don't want to get carried away and get too much done.

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