Wednesday, December 5, 2007

kid nation live blog

7:50 pm

i am currently watching the wizards whoop up on the lebron-less cavs, but only for a few minutes because it's almost time for kid nation. i am going to attempt to live blog this show. (oh snap, the geico caveman is in the audience of the wiz game!) anyways, live blogging is a new venture for me so we'll see how it goes. i guess in the meantime i can continue my discussion of kid nation. now while i only named 5 kids i hate, i generally hate most of these kids...and that's part of what makes it a fun show for me to watch. phil seems to want to be motherly towards a majority of these kids. basically we had discussions like this:

me: man, what's up with that perv greg always picking up young girls and carrying them around like they're his personal perverted accessories for perverted pleasure?
phil: you shouldn't judge these kids. they're young and haven't formed their real personalities, and i bet that he has some problems at home and....blah blah blah, etc.

...wait, the book says it's not appropriate to pick up small girls and carry them around?

whatever phil. you always hate on everything else. why not join me in hating these kids? it's way more fun, trust me.


ok, so i will try to recap anything i find noteworthy and add any commentary that seems appropriate. i aim to finish everything by 9 pm, but will probably do a little cleaning up of the post before i publish it and add some pictures later tonight or tomorrow.


they are showing a recap from last week...ack! there's greg carrying tyler! oh i hope sophia doesn't do anything bad with her new power as sheriff.


hmmm...sophia has ceded from bonanza city and is claiming a patch of land as her so crazy! but yeah...the forshadowing does not look good.


sophia is gonna be left in charge as the city council is leaving for some spiritual journey or something...many in the town are unhappy, mouths agape. they show a clip of mike bitching about it...he seriously makes the most annoying faces this side of dane cook.


sophia is checking to make sure all of the jobs are done before opening the arcade...this is looking to be a pretty sophia-centric episode. the council meet with a group of native americans and i think that maybe only michael should open his mouth...


kelsey speaks and i hate. hate hate hate hate hate.


sophia proves to be an excellent (i'm a little surprised) leader and motivator and whips the town into shape, gets the arcade open and even shares a sweet moment with taylor of all people. that's it...12 year old kevin would definitely have had an unrequited crush on her.


zach mentions his awesome goat milking powers (i think i like him a little bit more now) and i am excited to see alex and jared team up to dig up bones, accurately identifying a femur and nerdily talking about carbon-dating processes.


the council talk to the native americans about smart kids or something....i'm calling it now... gold star goes to alex this week!


it's showdown time and well these tend to be the more boring part of the show. hmmm...homestead act? alpacas? i'm intrigued. well kids are carrying parts of a house...and well when i was 12, i was basically as strong as i am now, i would do well in this competition. hahahaha some kid fell on a cactus! jared is leading the way for the red team...maybe he's the (nerd) kid who wins the g.s.


green district are the upper class, red district are the merchants, blue district are the cooks...and the yellow district...are the yellow district. mike spazzes out. yellow district finish in time for the reward!
  • choice #1: a kid nation monument that commemorates the bonanza city kid nation...hmm...i hope choice #2 is better.
  • choice #2: hot air balloon rides over bonanza city....meh. i guess they're both ok rewards, but kind of a letdown after last week's arcade. i think i would choose the balloon ride.

it's unrelated, and they are showing commercials right now, but i just found $60 in my old pajama pants pocket!!!


it's up to sophia to choose, and she decides on the hot air balloons. i think that was a wise choice and all the kids cheer. the kids have their rides and it looks like fun. i still hate you mike...stop making faces!


alex is cooking something and it is adorable. jared talks about winning the golden star to make a teleporter. i am intrigued jared...very intrigued.


council members are accepting nominations for the gold star and i hope i get to see jasmine nominate herself yet again...what a tool. zach cries and greg laughs. zach storms off and pulls a rodney dangerfield. zach looks like he's gonna fight someone. i know he wants to punch greg or blaine...but zach, seriously, they are a lot bigger...go for someone smaller that you could beat...i nominate mike...i heard he said your mom's not a hard worker.


zach pours his heart out and greg consoles him. greg gets called out by dk for saying zach was fake crying and then turning around and saying that he respects him.


town hall meeting time! lots of screaming over the arcade. the council decides to close it down for good...nice move guys. i guess for every obnoxious, bullyish or perverted move that greg makes he balances it out with a decent act. his behavior is kinda manic like that. the golden star goes to alex! and i am correct again...what else is new? $20,000 is apparently a paradox and a 9 year old kid with one giant tooth is making me feel retarded.

my tooth is bigger than my thumb!


anjay cries about leaving and i realize he is kind of an indian milhouse.


preview of next's the season finale. there is gonna be a bigger gold star? someone resorts to arson to prove that they are a hard worker? interesting. this episode was good, but not as good as last week's. hopefully they really bring the crazy next week...i will miss watching this show...but with the writers' strike, i guess i can expect kid nation 2 to premiere soon....maybe in about 3 weeks? live blogging was a challenge and fun. it went pretty smoothly except when my roommate nicky sat down next to me and i was acting nonchalantly, pretending like i wasn't live blogging a reality show about kids.


Phil said...

Work in progress to be continued:

Kid Nation is a hidden obsession of mine so I'm not even sure where to start. You've made a few good points about why its so enjoyable. The social commentary aspect, the fact that these kids seem to handle disputes more rationally than most adult reality shows. The genuine emotion that the kids arent afraid to show. Anyway, I may post again on the merits of the show but for now I'd like to list the cast with my opinions:

Please see this link if you need a photo:

Johnathan: host, serves his purpose, kinda lame

Natasha: older girl, don't see much of her, unfortunately I'm assuming shes in the awkard dont want to embarass myself on national TV too much phase

Michael: gave a few really good speeches including one in the first episode that inspired everyone, is now on the town council and liked by all including me

Colton: avg. country tough young kid

Jimmy: jimmy was awesome unfortunately he was also the youngest and left the show very early to go home

Hunter: FINALLY won his gold star after quietly working for it for several weeks, probably will become the best man of all the kids, strong work ethic and values

Sophia: independent, free thinker, she won her gold star early, I'm very interested to see the next episode where she becomes the town sherrif as the council leaves town for some reason

Mallory: a clone of her big sister Oliva, she won a gold star because it was her birthday..lame

Cody: in my head hes just like Colton they blend together

Alex: as you stated very likeable, missing teeth smart kid. he gets along with everyone and was very upset when Greg went on one of his famous temper tantrums

Olivia: kinda obnoxious, doesnt like Anjay and was crucial in Greg winning Anjays town council seat boo

Mike: a member of the original town council and seemed to be cast as the original lead character, he has since lost his seat and fallen into the background

Madison: ?

Jasmine: ?

Jared: real smart to the point of being awkard kid, though he did ditch his work this week to go play in the arcade. he always has funny comments and insight one of my favorites

Emilie: from KY, seems to be easy going, almost went home but decided to stay

Kelsey: Seems to follow after taylor and follow the cool girl crowd she participated in making fun of Zach, not cool

Guylan: real likeable kid, had a town council seat and gave it up willingly when he realized he might be dethroned.

Taylor:probably the most talked about one, unlike everyone else I like her, shes definately a product of her upbringing but seems to be a good kid underneath it, I could write a whole post on Taylor

Campbell: nice kid, not too much to say

Lelia: follows Taylor around but always jumps ship and falls in line when Taylor pushes the isolationism too far. A lot of strong independent girls even that I know now have a Lelia that follows them around

kevin said...

excellent comments phil...i think i agree with about 70% of them...but you need to realize that mike and guylan deserve much hate. also, what did taylor do exactly to make you assume that she is a good kid? i think mallory won the golden star because she was running the store or something like that...yeah, i dunno...

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