Friday, December 7, 2007

celebrities/historical figues math equals my friends

this is a new feature in my blog where multiple celebrities get mashed up/procreate/combine/whatever to form my friends. here are the first 2. agree? disagree? what do you think?

abraham lincoln + andrew jackson = louis

even after louis has moved out of our house, he remains a hot topic of discussion. while i have often associated louis with abraham lincoln, dave thinks he shares more similarities with another u.s. president, andrew jackson. they all have longish faces with similar features. i know louis is skinny and i assume abe and jackson were as well.while we never held a $5 bill and $20 bill next to louis' face, i think the combination of the 2 presidents would probably equal louis.

devendra banhart + john stamos = nick?

i think these pictures do a decent job in showing their similarities. he and devendra are tall, skinny and musicians. actually...stamos is a musician too. proof of both of their musical prowess are shown in the videos at the end. nick and stamos share some similar facial features. the combo of these 2 equaling nick is a "if they mated" slam dunk.

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Starflower6580 said...

Very very funny Kevin. you are very much right about nick and louis. andrew was not the nicest of guys but was a charming looking fellow. I may have had crush on him if I were alive at his time. My presidential crush is purely saved for TJ.