Thursday, December 6, 2007

the ultimate fighter finale

in continuing in my tv-heavy week in this blog, i wanted to discuss the show the ultimate fighter, which aired an hour after kid nation last night. for those that don't know, this is a reality tv show that focuses on mixed martial artists. they compete for a couple of months (or weeks?) until all but 2 are left standing, leading up to the finale which will air saturday night. the fighters are split into 2 teams, each coached by 2 top fighters in the ufc.

well one team is coached by douchebag extraordinaire, matt hughes and his creepy-ass, dr. evil looking assistant coach.

the other team is coached by really personable and awesome coach (with kind of annoying accent, but whatever) matt serra.

anyways, i have not ordered the last 2 or 3 ufc fights on pay-per-view for a couple of reasons. first of all, the fight cards have been kind of lame and secondly it seems like nobody else besides louise has much interest in watching them now...leading to me paying for the whole thing, spending $50 on it.

so now that they are having this ultimate fighter finale coming up on saturday and it's free. i like things that are free. i have been looking forward to this for a few weeks now, and have been simply itching to watch some new the point where i rented some old pride dvd's from netflix earlier this week. it was fun watching phil "the new york juicer" baroni talk all sorts of shit pre-fight, only to lose.

even though team serra had a 6-2 advantage going into the quarter finals, the finals had it even with 2 fighters from each team left. and of course, both of hughes' guys win just to piss me off and ruin an event that i was looking forward to for a while.

below are the finalized matchups for saturday night:

headline fight - roger huerta vs. clay guida
analysis - both are excellent up and coming fighters in the lightweight division. both are intense fights and this should prove to be an exciting fight. huerta is on louise's celebrity crush list i gotta go with clay "the carpenter" guida to nail the hurt into huerta!...hmm, that doesn't sound quite right...oh well
prediction - guida via tko in round 3

fight #2 - mac danzig vs. tommy spears
analysis - so this is the final fight to decide the winner of the ultimate's the vegan vs. the farmer. spears is a giant man boy who can crush you in his hands like lennie from of mice and men. danzig is ridiculously talented and skilled, very experienced, but much smaller...even though they technically weigh the same. i think danzig makes spears grow some veggies for him to eat.
prediction - danzig via submission in round 2

fight #3 - jared rollins vs. john koppenhaver
analysis - neither of these guys really impressed on the show...but i think that this fight is being billed prominently due to the fact that they almost fought in the house because of a poop-related prank. i believe rollins said "pranks are one thing, but once you bring doo-doo into the equation, you've gone too far..." wise words j-roc...wise words. i dunno about this fight.
prediction - koppenhaver via decision

fight #4 - billy miles vs. george sotiropoulos
anaylsis - miles is big and strong. george does not look "fit" or "ripped", but is apparently up there with mac in terms of skills. as long as george has mentally moved past getting knocked out by spears, this looks like a bad matchup for the kid.
prediction - sotiropoulos via tko in round 1

fight #5 - ben saunders vs. dan barrera
analysis - this fight should start the evening and i am excited about this one. they can both strike, but with his 6'3 frame, ben should have the advantage there. barrera seems really he might go buck wild in the octagon...who knows?
prediction - draw via simultaneous tko in round 2

there are a few other fights in the undercard that will not be aired on tv unless a bunch of the aired fights end quickly. among those, i hope rude boy ko's the dirty samurai, roman mitichyan submits dorian price to bring pride to dave and his armenian brethren, and that my favorite fighter from the show, john kolosci can outduel the dangerous matt arroyo.

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