Monday, December 3, 2007

i feel like an asshole

this weekend i was planning on going to see food for animals at some warehouse in baltimore. i was looking forward to it. dave called nick to tell him we would be going and while i'm sure that it really didn't matter that much to nick, dave said that he sounded excited to know we were gonna show up. we lazed about saturday afternoon, gearing it up on insane, cheating by changing the difficulty level for the stupid driving part, only to realize that the game credited us with beating that section on "casual" difficulty.

then we pulled our not really cool maneuver of getting drunk prior to people showing up at our house in hopes that it would lead to someone else driving us. well a couple of things happened. first of all everybody that showed up at our house seemed pretty indifferent about actually going out, let alone driving us there. secondly, dave maybe should not have drank while he was taking his antibiotics. as a result he did not feel well and that left me as the main pursuer in convincing someone to drive. i discovered i am not very good at this and without dave charming his way into getting us a ride, i quickly realized that this was not going to happen.

in hindsight, i should have known that there was a strong possibility that this would occur. i should have just sucked it up and agreed to drive, i know i would have had a much more interesting saturday night if i did. also, i think both dave and i know that we should stop pulling this maneuver on our friends. i even had my little pocket-sized video camera, set to record some of the show and blog about it. instead i am blogging about how i was completely lame.

as i finally gave in on trying to get someone to drive, i texted nick and told him i was sorry that we didn't show up. i really do feel bad, both about us trying to get other people to drive as well as not going to nick's show. i think they're going to europe soon, so hopefully i will get to see them at some other show soon.

i have been playing with photoshop, maybe i will superimpose my head in this picture, so it will be kinda like i was there.

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