Monday, December 3, 2007

the genius of appatow, rogen, etc.

i have been a huge fan of everything judd appatow since freaks and geeks. i'm also glad that seth rogen has broken out and become sort of a star now. i feel like their writing and sense of humor is right in line with mine and if i were very talented and an actor or writer, i would be either doing stuff with them or copying their style, which i still maintain is my style as well.

everyone has seen all of the current movies, so i will not detail their specific genius. instead, i wanted to share few short videos online where they really bring the funny.

this first one is a fake (i think, but hope not) trailer for an end of the world movie. the inclusion of some upbeat randy newman song adds to the silly buddy comedy premise in what is normally a sci-fi or horror scenario. jay baruchel, who was awesome in undeclared, plays rogen's apocalyptic partner in crime. maybe they will turn this into an actual movie someday. i would see it.

this next video is a clip from an actual movie with rogen re-teaming with james franco of daniel desario fame. all i know is that this movie star these 2 guys who i think are hilarious in different ways, drugs are involved and it's sort of an action movie. also, there are scenes like this:

"this is it...this is what your grandchildren are gonna be smoking....future...the future..."

one can only hope that all of these guys continue working together, making movies. one thing that is noticeable from these videos is how entertaining their work is just based on dialogue...and that's natural-sounding dialogue, not tarantino nonsense. also, now that rogen has started to blow up, it's time to get some others from the crew into more prominent roles.

how about a starring vehicle for the ever-intense jason segel. he and baruchel could star in the first appatow sci-fi movie where they play 2 young space cadets who find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic war. throw in jonah hill and michael cera and the movie basically writes itself.


Anonymous said...

RE: Jason Segel . . . this might be of interest to you.

kevin said...

yes! although the premise seems a little boring, i know that with these people involved, it should be good. i'm glad carla gallo is getting some work. paul rudd...he might be my favorite actor right now...i may have to write up a whole post about him...thanks for the head's up whoever you are.

Phil said...

2nd vid isnt working :(

Phil said...

Also I'm glad someone else said this other than me finally "and that's natural-sounding dialogue, not tarantino nonsense"

Phil said...

haha sorry one more, I did hear Judd talking about how Seth kept pitching him sci-fi ideas before knocked up and he told him he's funny just standing there just with a circumstance (getting a girl pregnant) he doesnt have to be doing something.

hopefully this is at least a short film.

kevin said...

sucks that that video was removed...cause it was awfully hilarious. i guess we'll jsut have to go see it when it comes out next year.

yeah, yeah, you ruined my enjoyment of any tarantino films like i ruined you with dimitri martin.

that's funny that rogen actually mentioned a sci-fi idea...maybe that's where i got the idea. but they are able to film movies based around really boring or cliched premises and turn them into comedic gold.

update...i had originally mentioned some hate towards katherine heigl in this post when i was trying to not sound completely in love with these guys. i don't know what it is about her...but something internally annoying comes through in everything i have seen her in. she was so lucky to be in knocked up.

well apparently she bashed the movie in some interview saying that it was hard for her to make the movie because she didn't really like it or agree with it. she thought it painted women in a very negative light and was a sexist movie. talk about biting the hand that feeds you. they should have casted jenna fischer in that role...she is actually funny and not annoying.