Thursday, November 1, 2007

back from the brown

well it's been like 4 months. after starting things off strong, i kinda got lazy, as has been known to happen, and i also felt unfocused on where this blog was going. there are lots of different subjects that i like to convince myself that i can pretend to be knowledgeable about. i dunno, i guess my headline leaves things pretty open.

either way, i feel like this is something i would enjoy doing, even if i am the only one who reads it. i would like to be a better writer and i would also like to have strongly slanted, pro-kevin accounts of events in my life, both trivial and major. plus, i could use another hobby.

hopefully this means i will be blogging somewhat regularly and i can jot down what goes on in my life from age 29 on, as well as impress myself with my vast knowledge and ability to critically analyze many of the topics above. brown.

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