Friday, November 9, 2007

a very louis christmas

dave, louise and i have discussed writing and recording a christmas album with the central theme being louis brown. if you have spent any time with dave, you have undoubtedly heard him sing songs in the key of brown, often changing the lyrics of popular songs to involve louis. we were thinking of what our song list might include...
  1. jingle brown
  2. brown christmas
  3. here comes louis claus
  4. the 12 nights of louis
  5. o holy brown
  6. brown to the world
  7. o come all ye louis
  8. silent brown
  9. i'll be home for louis
  10. deck the browns
  11. we wish you a merry louis
  12. little drummer brown
  13. winter wonderbrown
hopefully we can get working on this and have it ready for when louis comes to town for the holidays. i will post mp3s if they ever get recorded.

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