Friday, November 16, 2007

melora hardin...i'll be diregardin'

i watched the office last night. this is one of my favorite shows on tv. while jenna fischer is one of my top celebrity crushes, there is another actress on that show that i have waffled back and forth on since the beginning.

melora hardin plays the ex boss and current girlfriend of steve carell's character michael scott. many of my friends know that i will get the occassional crush on an older woman (lori) and melora hardin instantly caught my eye. it's tough to pinpoint what it was that i found appealing about her, but i just knew that she was borderline on my list. i really liked the character of jan that she played on the office. i would see pictures of her outside of the show and she always looked hot.

at the same time there was something holding me back from full-on endorsing her and placing her on my list of celebrity crushes (which i will discuss in a future blog). she seemed like a very normal, smart, down to earth person. i read an article about her and found out she is also a professional singer! well that sealed the deal, she was going on the list and i would plan to induce eyerolls from louise as i explain my reasons why she was now crush-worthy.

that is until i saw her sing one of her songs off of her new cd on some late night talk show. now she has a great voice. that was not the problem. she explained her album to the host and how it was "very sexy" and witty, filled with innuendo, or something along those lines. i am not usually a fan when someone describes something they do as "sexy". it seems a little too self aware and presumptuous, 2 traits that i did not assume melora had. but i thought "she's pretty hot, maybe she can pull this off without my opinion of her sinking..."

here's her video. what do you think?

ugh. seriously? a song about a boy and his "cat"? hmmm...pussy is a boy's best friend? that sounds like a song idea a 12 year old would come up with...and then quickly realize it's not very good...and then become embarrassed that she thought of it.

kid's inner thoughts: ok...i want to think of a song that will make all of my friends crack up...hmmm, i got it...a song where i talk about cats...but then i start saying "pussy"! and how boys like pussy! genius! and how pussy likes to fiddle with his BALLS...of string!..ok that's kind of gross...and on second thought...that's a pretty obvious joke to's getting less funny to me by the second, that can't be a good sign...ok brain, let's forget we thought of that one...they can't all be winners...i feel sad inside....oh well, i am gonna go play with my bratz dolls and then videotape myself doing the souljah boy dance...

anyways, back to melora. this song is anti-witty, with the innuendo beating you over the head. i should submit my youtube video response "let me get my nixon up in you". maybe i shouldn't have had such high hopes. unfortunately she is no longer eligible to be on my list and i can never look at her the same way very disappointed...


Phil said...

Im impressed by your commitment to find a well rounded celebrity crush, taking so many aspects into consideration. I personally dont think shes that attractive, but our lists I'm sure are very different. Mine is very shallow and they get downgraded not upgraded as they age, y todos hablan espanol.

Regarding disqualifing her based on that song, maybe her publicist told her how to sell the song? Im pretty sure those interviews are well rehersed.

On a more general note, I think its hard to judge a celebritys personality based on the possiblity that who they really are could be very different than the persona they present to millions of people on national TV. Did the song suck? probably, honestly i didnt let it finish, but we all make mistakes Kevin maybe one night during pillowtalk Melora(off the list based on that name for me) would confess to you she doesnt really like it either but got caught up in the sexual innuendo crowd.

neumunki said...

i've been going through your backlog of entries and i found this and had to note that.. is that song on her album? Cuz i think that's a song she sings in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. Which may explain why it's so retarded.

Perhaps that will help you with getting her back on your list.