Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i'm pretty sure that's not an appropriate use of "torrential"

i've been kinda slackin on my blog a little after my torrential start this month. i guess there have actually been more things than usual to blog about, thus making it tougher for me to focus on anything specific. thanksgiving was good, although i had to go to 2 thanksgiving meals...ugh. i learn that gilbert arenas had surgery on his knee, thus severely hurting both the wizards and my fantasy team. matt "the terror" serra gets a herniated disc in his back and has to pull out of his fight with matt "the douchebag" hughes. i was so looking forward to serra smashing hughes and his chipmunk smirk. gsp, my favorite mma fighter, will be filling in as a replacement and will undoubtedly destroy hughes, but i am still torn since i have been so hyped about seeing serra vs. hughes. injuries are part of the game, and really gsp was the only replacement that made any sense.

matt hughes senior picture checklist

1. neatly coiffed mullet - check

2. trusty, reliable suspenders - check

3. stylish bolo tie (for the ladies) - check!

on a very serious and sad note, redskins safety sean taylor passed away this morning after being shot in his leg during a break-in in his home. he will be missed. he was an intimidating force who was having his best season ever before getting injured a few weeks ago. he made a few mistakes off the field, but by all accounts was maturing and becoming a leader on the team. it's a shame.

so, yeah, there have been a lot of things going on that would normally lend themselves to their own entry. instead i will mash them all up here and try to end on a positive note, mainly, this picture below that made me smile.

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