Friday, November 9, 2007

you want bean sprouts with that?

a little while ago nam and i were discussing random business ideas and we started talking about the restaurant business. we both have zero experience in this, but it was more just fun to think about. i am a vegetarian as is nam's wife, jess. while it has been getting better over the last few years, many restaurants do not offer much in the way of substantial meat-free meals, with chinese and indian restaurants providing the most options. otherwise i am often left with the choice of garden salad (since all other salads now require chicken), a plate of nahcos/onion rings/some random deep fried appetizer that makes me feel slightly ill or a microwaved veggie burger. not really ideal.

i have to assume that there are many other vegetarians that face similar dining conundrums every day. so the idea was a vegetarian (or at least vegetarian-friendly) restaurant that served american food. i started thinking of names:

  • tofu junction
  • don't eat that, it's meat! sike!
  • veggie city
  • orange you glad you didn't eat an animal?
  • tempeh town
  • the sizzlin' soy
  • plants don't cry

there were a bunch more, but that's all i can remember for now.

i also started thinking about the menu. this requires a lot more thought, but for this post i am going to start with appetizers. many of these things i have made, think i might be able to make or assume someone i know can make it.

  • seasonal vegetable crudite
  • mushroom turnovers
  • sesame green beens
  • grilled and marinated tofu skewers
  • spinach-artichoke dip
  • veggie buffalo wings
  • roasted onion rings
  • the royal sampler

next time i will work on the soups and salads. if you have any other ideas for appetizers or restaurant names, please leave a comment.

hey man, my name is river and i'll be your server tonight...


dan r said...

your vegetarian restaurant should include a few options for meat eaters. in particular, one product you might be interested in servig is faux-fu (tm), i.e. meat, which can be bought through your local burtonsville heavy industries distributor.

i would also like to suggest something that i have been thinking about for some time now. it's vegetarian spam. it's mostly made from broccoli stumps, apple cores and otherwise wasted vegetable products.

dan r said...

oh, and you should add bacon bits to everything.

kevin said...

while i am slightly confused by your faux-fu idea, i find your vegetarian spam idea very intriguing. it sounds kind of gross, but i guess as long as it is seasoned correctly, we could make it work. assuming you are referring to soy bacon bits, they could be available at all the tables like hot pepper flakes in pizza places.