Friday, November 16, 2007

time to come clean tina

there is this girl who has kinda got the internet goin nutz. her name is tina and she posts videos of her singing covers of various pop songs. obviously this girl would not be getting thousands of views on her videos if her singing wasn't completely awful, but she is also extremely awkward, and has a very strange voice. she seems like a nice kid, i dunno. this blog post was a pretty funny take on the whole thing.

but as she has set the internet ablaze, most people fall into one of three camps. they either a) laugh at her, mock her and find this hilarious, b) feel very sorry for a young girl who is embarrassing herself and making a spectacle of herself or c) love her for being herself and not caring what other people think. i on the other hand take a different angle.

i think she might be a genius performance artist who may or may not turn out to be like 35 years old in an awesome milonakis-esque twist. i can envision her recording these videos in her new york city loft, using a bunch of oversized props to make her look like a kid. she's laughing the whole time, smoking cigarettes between takes, while i am sitting here wondering why i can't think to do these things.

"do not say my videos suck! or you are a whore! bye-bye!"

now if i am wrong, i am not sure how i will feel. i guess she has gotten her 15 minutes doing what she loves to do and while many will laugh at her, she has a lot of non-ironic fans. as i delve deeper into her library of video gems, i think i would consider her a genius, intentional or not...but i am waiting for the "gotcha!" video when her prank on the world is all revealed.

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