Thursday, November 29, 2007


dave and i were chatting online today when he passed along this video gem:

it got me thinking...what are most of these guys up to these days? we should propose a show about old wwf wrestlers from the 80's and 90's living in a house together working on making comebacks to vh1. they have done very similar shows, and i could very easily see them putting this show on the air. with the writers' strike continuing with no end in sight, the demand for addictive reality shows is high.

preliminary pitch:

a group of 6-8 former wwf/wwe stars sign up to live in a mansion in an effort to revive their wrestling/entertainment/other careers. along with general training, they are put through a series of varying (and sometimes comical) tasks and competitions that show the home viewers new sides of the former wrestlers. it helps humanize them to their fans and viewers.

all of this progresses as the former wrestlers work to reach their own specific goals. some of the younger wrestlers would obviously want to return to the ring. some may want to pursue acting or some other profession. some may want to simply be of relevance again and enjoy the media exposure. others (and this may be a bit of a stretch, wishful thinking...i dunno) may want to use their publicity to bring a cause/charity/issue to light.

potential wrestlers i would want in the show:
  • the ultimate warrior
  • the honkey tonk man
  • the iron sheik
  • the junkyard dog
  • jimmy superfly snucka (sp?)
  • koko b. ware
  • rowdy roddy piper
  • bam bam bigelow
  • big john stud
  • ricky the dragon steamboat
  • rick flair
  • jimmy hart
potential hosts
  • jim mcmahon
  • the fabulous moolah (i have a sneaking suspicion she is my next door neighbor)
  • that old wwf ref with the moustache
  • some current wwe superstar
  • the rock (he would be the #1 option i think)
  • dance contest
  • working with kindergarten kids
  • baking competition
  • karaoke
  • debate
  • other dumb stuff that is funny since really big wrestlers are doing it
ideally there would be a good blend of drama, fighting, hilarity, bonding, heart-warming moments and silliness. many people who grew up in the 80's and 90's would want to revisit their favorite wrestlers from back then. others would simply tune in to watch people with crazy personalities clash and argue and compete. as i mentioned before, i could see this as a show on vh1, and i have no doubt that it would be very successful. phil and dan have already raised their eyebrow in skepticism, but that's all phil knows. hate hate hate. i know i would watch every episode. dave and i will need to tighten up the premise and details and then submit it.

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