Monday, November 12, 2007

the weekend

phil was celebrating his b-day on friday night at adams morgan. dave and i got there around 11, after dealing with the ridiculous feat of finding a parking spot. phil said he was at tom tom's to which dave told me to get ready for some serious bro'in down. it was raining so i brought my hooded sweatshirt, but when i got to the club, the bouncer told me i had to tuck the hood into my shirt. what the hell? seriously? were they worried i was hiding something dangerous in there? cause i hope they know that i can easily fit my fists into my pockets. or maybe they thought i was planning on stealing stuff and cleverly carrying it out of the club in my hood. "aww man...we lost 2 ashtrays and a beer mug tonight...he struck again...damn you hood burglar! damn you!" either way, i now looked ridiculous and had a pretty sweet hunchback going on.

well dan and laura were there, as was phil surrounded by a bunch of girls and some other dude who i have to assume was his cousin. gina arrived a little later. i chatted with phil a little and he was saying that he wasn't feeling so hot. something about his stomach and sushi, i think he said he pooped his pants...i don't really remember. i met some of his girls, one of which noticed that my collar was messed up and went in to fix it, but she missed and managed to scratch my face like a jungle cat. she seemed sort of apologetic, and i was like "oh, don't worry, it's aight...", but i was losing blood and muttering under my breath. we also witnessed a near fight between some nerd and a really big bouncer. phil didn't seem like he was gonna stay out much longer, so dave, gina and i left to continue to get drunk.

we went to bourbon, which had this ridiculous menu of hundreds of different whiskeys. i chose to go with j.t. brown. it was actually pretty nice, definitely a step up from kentucky gentleman (which they also happened to serve there). i also got into a strange altercation with a gay guy. i was looking for the bathroom and trying to get past a few people, one of which was the guy in question. he looked at me, got in my way and started lifting up his shirt to present his bare chest to me. then he started gyrating. well i knew this was not what i wanted to deal with at the moment. i asked someone else where the bathroom was and they pointed in the opposite direction. i quickly went that way and the gay guy yelled at me, 'you're no fun! don't touch me!" also, for almost the entire time we were there, there was some guy standing outside the bar pleading with the bouncer to let him in. he was dressed in a suit and looked completely miserable that they weren't letting him in. he kept showing them his i.d. like they were suddenly going to realize that he should be allowed in. he looked like he was going to cry and provided some decent entertainment outside of our window.

after that we made it to the falafel hut and feasted. that toppings bar is no joke...i remember wishing i had more room in my pita so that i could try out more toppings. then we stopped by gina's house. i got to see her roommate's tiny dog and i almost walked into her roommate's room at 3:30 am looking for the bathroom.

saturday i had to get up early, after getting home after 4am, to drive dave to enterprise so he could pick up his rental car. well i didn't have time to shower, so i was a little hesitant to go into the office. i slept on one side, so all my hair on the right side of my head was mashed up. i looked like a mental patient. nobody said anything and dave got his bright blue pt cruiser.

sunday was a rough day for me in fantasy football. also, the redskins lost, but at least the wizards finally got their first win of the season. i went to nam and jess' pizza making party. jess made this really good pizza dough and everyone was making their own personal pizzas. i put broccoli, roasted garlic, jalapeƱos and mushrooms on mine. i also added a bunch of this crazy shark hot sauce that nam warned me to be careful with. of course i considered this a challenge and went a little crazy. that was some serious hot sauce. i think i drank like 8 glasses of water, and i still felt it when i got home. i also wondered why nam does not have an hdtv yet...seriously nam, it's not 2003.

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