Thursday, January 3, 2008

back at work which means more bloggin time

i admit it. i have seriously slacked on my blogging. my main excuse is that my computer had some ridiculous virus on it and i had to go to work to get a windows disc. my other excuse is that i am lazy.

winter break was pretty good. as i mentioned before, we had lots of presents, eating and drinking during christmas. louise and i took a nice trip up to philadelphia which i will recap soon. i also managed to achieve a non-embarrassing amount of my winter break goals.

here's an awesome anticlimactic tale for you. i got my oil changed and also took my car in for emissions inspection. nevermind that i was a little nervous that my accord wouldn't make the grade, the main thing to take away from inspections was the old man in the little car in front of me. he seemed harmless enough...kind of looking like an older, grizzled anthony bourdain. well we were sitting there in line...all the cars are in park....or at least i assumed they were. when all of a sudden, i notice that his geo metro is slowly getting closer to my car. i assume that he was trying to....hmmm...i dunno what i assumed, but i didn't think much at first. well he kept getting closer and closer. my brain reacts with a quickness normally associated with animals that react quickly. i start honking my horn. he keeps on keepin on. my horn honks get more and more rapid along with my heart beat. i give him the wtf look he glances in the rear view mirror and gives me a shoulder if to say "not my problem". i cannot believe we fucking make eye contact and yet the issue is unresolved. i can only assume that he is approaching me with the obvious intent of property damage. the whole thing is reminiscent of austin powers slowly rolling over that henchman with the steamroller. i check behind me and there's nobody there. i again react with razor sharp reflexes. i put my car in reverse and back up at least 10 feet. he continues to slowly come at me like an angry senior citizen but then eventually stops about 5 feet away from me. well now i am more confused than angry but am considering getting out of my car to act tough and yell at him...hoping he's not actually like that giant man in the tiny car that teaches nelson a lesson on making fun of others. just as i am about to do it, an mva employee comes running out to our lane and begins to yell and chastise the old man. i end up changing lanes, giving him a dirty look as i pass him by. my lane moves fast and i am out of there before him. my car passes the test and i leave satisfied.

i managed to maintain a reasonably healthy existence while on break. i didn't drink nearly as much as i might have a year ago. i made it to the gym 3 times during that 6 day period...didn't reach my goal of 4 trips, but i am feeling ok with 3. i ate reasonably healthy except for the giant stocking full of candy that was constantly tempting me. i didn't get my windshield crack fixed...but that can wait. i did reinstall windows and thusly fixed my computer. i cleaned out my closet and while i didn't throw much away, i at least moved a bunch of clothes i don't think i want to the basement. i sorta cleaned out the fridge.

i met up with jevon up at his place in baltimore. i tried to get in touch with eskay but never heard back. either way, i am really glad that i got hang out with him. like eskay and amanda, he's definitely somebody who i don't see as much as i should. i seem to always have an interesting time with him. he still has that political fire and idealistic outlook that i formed along with him back during our towson years. so discussing politics and the like always kind of recharges me a little. he is also living with froilan and phil that round out the towson crew that i know. this paragraph doesn't make much sense as i read it, but i guess i was just mentioning that i had fun and also pwnd jevon in cod4. froilan pwnd us both.

all in all, it was a pretty good winter break. i didn't get everything done. i should have blogged more and i should have started some sort of art or music project. but i also didn't have that bad, regretful feeling i can sometimes get when i am just wasting my time off. this will be a winter break to build off of so that next year's will be fitter. happier. more productive.

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