Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9021(clever pun)

i had been excited about the rebirth of beverly hills 90210 since i remember it as an amusing show 15 years ago. many of these memories might be slightly whitewashed, but it was more or less a guilty pleasure/so bad it's ironically appealing. the act of remaking this show alone might not have been enough for me to intentionally watch it. once they announced lori loughlin was on board, i was as well.

i did not have high hopes in that this show would be of good quality, but the piece of shit i watched last night was more or less unwatchable. i have pretty low television standards, but this was pushing it. the only redeaming aspects of the show are lori (obviously) and lucille bluth. after about 10 minutes, i stopped paying attention and only looked up at the tv occassionally when lori was making the screen glow with her smile. the problem is, the show is using her all wrong and has her more or less covered up when she is a lot hotter than any of the 25 year old high school girls on the show.

this makes me think even more fondly back to the days of steve sanders. if they start putting lori in a bikini, i will return. overall, this show was 9021no good.


reneecmk said...

I was going to ask if you were going to tune in because of your celebricrush! We watched it too, and I think it's sad how nearly every "15-year-old" on the show seems to be suffering from a crippling eating disorder. But Lori looks great!

kevin said...

yeah...especially the main girl who looks like she weighs 85 pounds. thank you for acknowledging the beauty of lori....there are so many haters out there.

neumunki said...

Yo, remember Lori on Seinfeld?
She was as glorious as that show "Hudson Street" was awful.

kevin said...

don't hate on hudson street...lori and danza could have become a dynamite combo. and yes...lori was absurdly beautiful on the seinfeld episode.