Monday, September 8, 2008

week 1 - it's all downhill from here

a perfect storm may have converged on my team this weekend. michael turner lit up the lions defense for 220 and 2 td's. that's just silly. the rest of my starters all did as well as i had hoped. the only stinker was my kicker, netting me 3 points. i almost made the ideal lineup, but should have played kevin smith over nate burleson and surprisingly kevin walter over larry fitzgerald, but we are talking a difference of like 3 points. even my bench performed well with most of them getting around 10 points.

i still have greg jennings to play tonight, which should secure my top score for week 1, and thus a $5 bonus.

the thing is, my team will not play this well again...probably for the entire season. i have peaked way to early, and thus, i would like to capitalize on the increase in perceived value of many of my players through trades. this would work except, nobody ever wants to trade in this league, so i will probably not be making any blockbuster least not this early in the season.

everyone else's teams played about as well as i expected. interesting things i noted:
  • phil got a huge boost from mcnabb.
  • l.t. did not come up big for sean.
  • hines ward caught 2 tds?
  • willie parker had almost as big of a day as the burner.
  • nam's team got screwed in the draft, but with tom brady being out for the season, it might have worked out with espn autopicking a backup qb early for him.
  • chris johnson may be more of a beast than i originally thought
i will enjoy the quick start my team has gotten off to, with the understanding that i am probably looking at a very big letdown in week 2. luckily, this week i play phil's roommate, eileen, who drafted deshaun i should enjoy at least one more week of winning.

hold're telling me i still play football? in the nfl?...cause let me tell you, i am pretty awful at football....ok, just checking.

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