Thursday, September 4, 2008

...and we're off!!!

as i sit here at my stupid job waiting for the nfl season to begin, i ponder many things. with the imminent poor play of both my fantasy teams as well as the redskins, this may in fact be the happiest and most optimistic i will be all season long. is it too much to ask that the redskins return to the playoffs? is it too much to expect that all of my fantasy teams perform to the level i had hoped and expected? probably.

i'm sure this season will be filled with a lot of trash talk with eskay. there will be a whole lot of stressing over which players to start. i know there will be a lot of nagging phil about league specifics where he bitches about me not being the commissioner. there will be a lot of eye rolling going on when the redskins break the record for most consecutive three-and-outs. there will be a lot of cursing myself for once again being seduced by lady potential. basically, this will be a season of regret.
my best bet is to become more heavily invested in fantasy basketball. anyone in? anyone? oh well. good luck to everyone, except when you play me. good luck redskins, try not to embarrass yourselves too badly tonight.


Steven said...

Well Kev they needed more luck than you gave them.

kevin said... was bad...a lot worse than i expected. is it jsut me, or did zorn look completely lost and over his head last night? stupid dan snyder. you might just be right about jason campbell...let's see how it goes.