Friday, September 12, 2008

you be the judge

last week, dave discovered that jessie has an interesting reaction to the beautiful sounds of a harmonica. the root of this reaction became a hotly debated topic in our household as louise insists that jessie does not like the sounds coming from dave's mouth harp and does not like us doing it. dave and i disagree, thinking that she loves it and is trying to sing along or harmonize. i have no basis for this theory, but i believe that dogs are musical creatures. nicky on the other hand is on the fence and while she finds it as hilarious and cute as dave and i, she is unsure if the reaction is actually a positive one.

what do you think? you will notice that her tail is wagging the whole time, possibly displaying her enjoyment. the sounds coming out of her mouth are a little questionable, but her vocal training is limited at best. the expression on her face shows a look of concern, but i like to believe that is just her getting into it. i also remember nick's dog, buck, who often enjoyed following us to where we played music and howled along, often appearing in many of the song we recorded. you can also hear nicky giggling in the background as dave and jessie perform their duet. louise theorizes that something about the sound of the harmonica possibly disorients jessie. i obviously would not want to torture my dog, so if you think she is showing her disapproval or she is upset by the music, let me know.


Laura said...

She is clearly distressed over dave's inability to play the hamonica.

Phil said...

I think shes cool with it. My years spent studying animal behavior, specifically canine (dogs to the layperson), have taught me dogs instinctively howl when they hear a sound approximate to another dog howling.

Jess said...

I think that when it comes to music, Jessie prefers something with a clear melodic line and rhythm, instead of this avant-garde "sound art" Dave is trying to impress her with.

Look how she waves her tail to-and-fro like a metronome! Her desire for a consistent tempo is palpable!