Monday, September 8, 2008

i personally think it suits me well

this past weekend dave mentioned that he was going to take his suit to the dry cleaners. knowing that we will have to be dressing up for dan and laura's wedding, i immediately jumped at this chance and told him he should take my suit in as well. now i am not one that usually dresses up. i had to wear a suit for my brother's wife's sister's wedding in august, and with the kichak-robinson event, i will have to suit it up again, thus going over the normal 1 time dress up per year limit i have set for myself.

i would rather wear a tuxedo t-shirt to these types of functions, but apparently that look is frowned upon. i just don't feel comfortable in a suit. i don't think i look particularly good in them. in fact, even though i am now 30, i always feel like a kid whose parent's forced them to wear a suit, like they are pretending to be an adult...except i am an's confusing and nobody wins.

basically suits and i disagree. the suit that i own is now over 10 years old. i specifically remember having to go and buy it at age 19 to go to my girlfriend's sorority formal. i hated suits even back then, but bit the bullet and allowed my mom to buy one for me. even though it has not been worn very often, i have not really taken the best care of this suit. apparently you are supposed to get these things dry-cleaned after you wear them...i did not know this. the result being that at the wedding this past august, i noticed like 10 little holes in various places on my suit that were a result of small food particles that moths decided to eat. the holes were only noticeable if you were looking for them. from any normal distance i was good.

so i figured i would just use this suit again and hope that nobody notices/cares. that is until dave picked up my suit, examined it and began busting on it. he mentioned that this looks like a suit that louis would own. louise and chris also chimed in about it looking old fashioned and not in style. i didn't really think basic suites went in and out of style, but apparently what i owned did not keep up with the current trends.

well i guess if my suit is old fashioned and has holes in it, i have to stop being cheap and go look for another suit. after work, louise is going to take me to men's warehouse so i can pick something out...actually i already know how this will play out. louise will pick something up and say this looks good. i will shrug my shoulders. i will get the suit fitted and then be unhappy about how much money i am spending on something i wear once a year.

how will i look at the wedding? here are some ideas...what do you think?


Jess said...

I vote for the last picture, too many people overlook the classy pairing of visible garters and ice skates....

kevin said...

that seems to be the popular choice...the garters seem to complete the look. if you haven't already watched the first video in my latest post, i would suggest you avoid it since it sort of cheapens the awesomeness of spaghetti cat. i know you love him as much as i do.

Laura said...

Glad that you will be looking sweet at the wedding.