Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i turned 30 gracefully

i had my 30th birthday party on saturday and had a really good time. it was pretty similar to dave's birthday party 2 weeks ago, a few different people, more drinking games, and a lot less liquor and puking. this time around i managed to remember to charge my camera's battery, which led to a lot of pictures being taken, and thus leading to this post, the most photo saturated post ever on t.i.t.s.

so here is how things went down, more or less, via photo essay (click on any of these pictures for closer inspection):

people showed up earlier since i didn't want to keep my neighbor up all night and jessie got herself ready.

laura was surprised by how much alcohol we had available.

nam and jess showed up and drank water.

phil introduced us to drink ball, which was a lot of fun, until the ball got real dented. then some geniuses thought to boil the ball.

way to go einsteins

dave quite simply did not give a fu**

we did some male bonding

jessie found this offensive and decided to pee on the carpet

simon took my camera and took some "interesting" photos

louise and i take a picture and dave thinks he's invited

we had to take a few shots at least...it was my birthday...

phil took pictures too while dan sat on the couch

tamarack in the house

with the ping pong ball nonfunctional, we switched to flip cup (i think laura wants our attention)

jill, michele and louise ponder their flip cup loss

people played rockband

phil snuck his way into pictures

glenmont apartments...represent!

sean and brigitte cute it up

brody and i tell sean and brigitte to "bring it on", they aren't the only ones who can be cute

chris and i thought it would be appropriate to do some birthday snuggling

bub finds this showing of affection to be applause-worthy

michele becomes my hero by eating the scorpion

phil got a little jealous of me and chris snuggling, so we decide to hold hands

nicky (nikki?) showed up late

finally, one picture from my birthday party stood out from the rest. this image is now my desktop image and makes me laugh every time i see it. much like spaghetti cat, your life may not be the same after you see this. i present, the pic of the night:
thanks to everyone who came out. i had a great time and i hope everyone else did too.


Phil said...

wow nice photo essay, you managed to include a lot of people. Glad I could make it up for the big 3-0 had a great time, good weather, good friends, lots of beer.

As far as I know nobody got sick which after hearing about the last party I'd count as a victory.

Also that Kichak girl is hard as shit don't fuck with her. Next time setup a metal detector at your door, I was watching my back all night.

neumunki said...

I'm just glad Laura didn't show us around puke city this time.

david said...

hmmm...i'm trying to figure out why this is so perfect.

kevin said...

the reasons for this picture being perfect are many. i think the main thing that jumps out at me, besides the excellent photography skills, is how they are both totally selling the look. they went for it and did not compromise their shared goal of looking awesome in the same way. and yes...thank god laura did not puke all over the place like last time...