Tuesday, September 16, 2008

chinese and mexican, together at last

i have made it a goal of mine to not eat out for lunch at work more than once per week. it not only saves me a little money, but i tend to eat healthier than if i were to get something from a restaurant. this plan has worked out pretty well so far, although i do occasionally crave some restaurant fare.

just now as i walked to the mailbox down the street to return my netflix movie, starring gavin rossdale and terry crews, i noticed a menu for a new local restaurant. now that i only buy lunch once a week, eating out becomes that much more exciting, and thusly i like to look for new eating establishments. well here was a menu for king bao and taco tortillas. from what i can tell, this is one restaurant that serves both chinese and mexican food.

no and then!!!

why do chinese restaurants do this? i have listened to louise and dave discuss how these places can't cook good chinese food, so they offer more choices that are also poorly cooked in an effort to mask the quality of their food. more options apparently equals better. i have been to a few of these retaurants and for the most part that last statement does not hold up. i have seen chinese and "american" food places before (danny's, lenny's, wenny's, new garden, etc.), but this is the first collaboration with mexican food i have seen. i don't mean to be mean, as i am sure the people that own these restaurants are very nice, hard-working people, and while i think their plans seem misguided, they tend to do decent business and know what they are doing. i wonder...what combination could be next?

while this new restaurant, as well as the other establishments, have some vegetarian options that might taste ok enough to warrant my $5, i know the quality of the ingredients may not be up to par...also, i know i can count on ingesting a lot of grease as that is chinese/other type of food tip #2 to covering up the food's quality.

while i am on the subject of not so great chinese restaurants, another thing i have noted for years is how poorly proofread the menus tend to be. i realize english is usually not the first language of these restaurantuers, but the spelling and grammar in these menus would make 6 year old me laugh out loud. why has nobody done anything about this? i should start a business where i offer my proofreading services to all chinese restaurants and get rich in the process. (note: i'm sure i have made many spelling and gramatical errors in this post, as well as all of the others, but you don't need to point them out to me...kiss my ass so what?) my favorite questionable wording from a quick scan of the kb & tt menu is in reference to their flour tortillas:

"our flour tortillas are made fresh throughout the day to maintain freshness not"

now either they did not complete their thought, or they were psyching me out at the end and those flour tortillas are in fact not made fresh throughout the day, in which case they should have used a comma or succession of periods to denote a pause and then added the "not" in all caps with a bunch of exclamation points.

anyways, back to the food. let's look at my options. i could order:
  • vegetable lo-mein and monterey jack cheese and black bean quesadilla
  • broccoli with garlic sauce and a guacamole taco
  • vegetable burrito and mixed vegetable szechuan style
  • dozens of other equally appetizing combinations
the bottom line: the food there will not be very good and i will probably eat some of it. i like to eat.


Phil said...

i want to meet the taco bell taco and tell him how he changed my life

Laura said...

I see someone is jumping on the "I'm going to blog about my lunch" bandwagon.

kevin said...

haha...yeah, your post may have partially inspired this one...even though this was not in reference to what i ate for lunch