Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the end is nigh for dan

this past weekend was dan's bachelor party, which took place in tenessee. assuming dan's mom does not read this blog i will mention that we camped in the smokey mountains and drove (well, i was a passenger) fast cars and motorcycles on deal's gap and or the dragon's tail...i'm not really sure what was what. the weather was perfect for being outside and everyone seemed to have a really good time.

starting with the departure, the morning group left in the morning, although eskay was running late and dave was antsy waiting for him. i laugh at the irony of the situation. the afternoon group also gets off to a late start due to my parents' gps not working correctly. i ride with nam and he endures my music choices. we stop at burger king so i can eat a veggie burger, fries and slushee, thus starting the weekend of extremely poor diet. we arrive at the campsite around 2am, greeted by drunk everyone from the morning group as well as the pleasant surprise of all of the tents already set up. dave said dan got destroyed from drinking half a 40...i find this lame. everyone apparently fears my snoring and poor sean is the odd man out and shares my tent.

the next morning sean and i awake to the sound of assy jerk dave throwing rocks at our tent. dan seems anxious to get to deal's gap. everyone grabs a walkie-talkie and jumps into a vehicle. chris runs into some issues on his motorcycle right when we begin to get to the serious turns and he decides to play it safe and wait for us to return. dan and anders rode their motorcycles while everyone else jumped from car to car. i rode in the z, supra and miata and had fun in all 3.

anders and chris appear ready to go

curvy roads

there's the z, being driven by steve i believe

sean zipped around in his miata

around lunchtime we ate at the deal's gap restaurant which i kept referring to as the biker place. we were all starving, except for maybe anders who thought he was the outdoor gourmet and cooked his own breakfast. i went with the only option i could find, grilled cheese, along with fries and rings, which was way too much food. esaky went a little crazy and ordered a bbq sandwich with a side of fries and additional burger. i tried to convice phil to go for the mysterious gap wrap, but he punked out and ordered something lame instead. i also wore a white undershirt during this trip that was the target of ridicule and many jokes due to the fact that it was a little tight...people are haters, what can you do? we drove around more curvy roads after lunch and then drove back to the campsite.

here is one of the many places where we ate too much food

i felt a little left out of the riding motorcycle thing, so i made phil take this picture of me...disregard the kickstand being down

some people chose to take naps, dan and anders went to go retrieve chris' bike and phil and i got destroyed by sean and chris in acorn drink ball. the whole time, i was trying to convince the remaining awake people that we should go out and get pizza. this idea was met with a lot of no response and i grew hungrier and slightly frustrated. a while later dan returned to the camp site and like an angel of mercy came bearing a giant stack of pizza hut pizzas. to say i was overjoyed may be an understatement. i proceeded to eat at least half of a pizza. following the pizza, the drinking really started to get going. i was pouring out shots and doling out peer pressure like nobodies business. everyone got pretty intoxicated. i even got nam and anders to drink, which i considered a victory. after about 4 or 5 shots, my memory of events became pretty hazy, but according to steve i was jumping into every single picture taken that night. as far as i can tell there may have been some ralphing going on, but everyone had fun.

nam had some better pictures, but i was unable to steal them from his flicker account

scott rubs dan's head for good luck

the next morning was a little rough. anders pointed out how this was a pretty family-oriented campsite and that we were pretty loud and obnoxious both nights. oh well. that's just the way it's gotta be sometimes. we packed everything up and hit the road as dave and chris made full use of the walkie-talkies the entire trip back home, often discussing girls they spot on the road. we stopped off at sonic for lunch, which louise had been hyping up to all of us for years. it was kind of fun ordering food from a machine. i got an egg and cheese sandwich with tater tots and a cherry slushee. it was pretty good, although not as awesome as i had expected. we continued to drive for a long time, and passed through this weird town in tenessee that was kind of a busted, family-friendly vegas.

chris ponders the extensive menu

there was a lot of stuff like this

dave propositions dan on the way home

then steve made the call to go to the waffle house for dinner. sean was very apprehensive about this choice and explained that he avoided the waffle house in college since the employees were often toothless with weird limps or something like that. i was pretty happy with my food options as well as the prices. i ordered a cheese and egg sandwhich, cheese and egg biscuit and hashbrowns smothered, covered, peppered and something else. it was again way too much food and i along with everyone else felt ill after eating. the rest of the ride was pretty uneventful as we all were just ready to get home and take a shower. it was a fun trip and a good way for dan to go out before his impending marriage.

finally i will end on this picture, which was not staged at all...i noticed he was standing like this and quickly took a picture


Phil said...

best Nam picture ever! it was a good time looking forward to hopefully seeing some of the video.

Dave looks like he's definately done that before. I think he has a little Terry in him.

kevin said...

good call on dave...maybe i will try to photoshop some rollerskates on him

Laura said...

I would like to buy Nam's outfit for Dan. He should totally quit his job and become a catalog model.

kevin said...

hahaha...i think phil mentioned something along the lines of that picture saying "buy khakis!"