Tuesday, January 29, 2008

hey ya'all!

i realize that this is becoming a very pop culture heavy blog and as a result, i wanted to make a quick post about britney spears. i know, i know...kind of a lame topic that everyone and their mom has been blogging about for the last 5 years. i don't care.

my journey with britney begins back when she had that catholic school girl video. i don't remember when it came out, but i know i was way too old to be attracted to her. and such was the case, in that she never really appealed to me. i remember just not getting it. i guess she was sort of cute back in the day...but certainly less cuter than most other young female celebrities at the time. my problem with her was probably based on the dumb in her eyes. i don't care how technically attractive someone is...dumb just ruins it. case in point: jessica simpson...who i definitely do not find attractive, but am unsure if it's truly the dumb or if it's a combination of things....either way, the dumb has a big hand in it.

anyways, britney seemed to be doing well, putting out popular music that while not outright offensive in it's badness, pretty much defined inconsequential. she was in shape and the general public was unaware of the crazy that festered inside. she hooked up with and married dad of the year k-fed. then they managed to have a couple of kids.

well she got divorced and then has spent the last 2 years or so completely unraveling and being a spectacle in a manner that really could not have been more spectacular had it been done on purpose. i won't recount details as they are many and everyone knows about them.

so now her life is a mess. she's got problems...but is all of this her fault? apparently she was on star search at a real early age and then went on to be in the mickey mouse club show...or something like that. just taking a wild guess, but mom probably pushed this dream and lifestyle on a kid that didn't know any better. so she didn't really live a normal childhood and as a result is now incapable of handling adult life. she seems to have the emotional intelligence of a 12 year old and i don't see things improving.

just as i shunned her when she blew up, i empathize as she goes down in flames. i hear the associated press is already writing her obituary as they prepare for the inevitable. only time will tell.

am i changing my stance just to be difficult and against the grain?
no phil, i am not.

do i think she is an idiot? yes.

does she bring the crazy? absolutely.

is it her fault? probably not.

should she hang out with even crazier celebrities to look not as crazy by comparison? let's hope.

will my so-called "empathy" stop me from posting super-crazy and unflattering pictures of britney spears?

update: if i were britney's agent/publicist i would arrange for her to hang out with the following people:
  • bobby brown and whitney houston
  • liza minelli
  • tyra banks
  • bruce vilanch
  • tom cruise
  • star jones
  • most recent cast of the real world
  • anyone affiliated with the westboro baptist church
who else would help britney appear less crazy?

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