Thursday, January 10, 2008

television of 2007

i am trying to write this on a day when i am actually busy at work. also, this serves as the last of my best of 2007 lists as well as my last planned blog idea i had remaining. therefore i will try to keep it short to appease those of you who have trouble reading my long and boring posts. (update: warning, although i put this together very hastily, this blog did not end up being short)

shows that i liked

kid nation

easily my favorite reality show of 2007. i have written a lot about it before. i find reality kids much more natural and much less irritating than reality show adults. laurel, alex, sophia and jared were great...taylor and mike...not so much. that's right're getting hate via me...i guess you're going to have to realize what is happening and accept the situation.

the office

very funny show with large and funny cast. i have a serious crush on jenna fischer (who also happens to be an avid reader of this blog!)

30 rock

equally as funny as the office and it helps that they schedule these shows right after one another. tracy morgan and alec baldwin are hilarious. dave thinks tina fey is hot.

the ultimate fighter

i have also blogged about this show. while i don't totally agree with the format of the show (show more fighting, less house drama), it is mma. it was particularly fun watching matt serra get the better of matt hughes through most of the show. his hughes impression was spot-on.

friday night lights

it's too bad not many people are watching this show, because it is kind of genius. not that i have ever spent any time in small town middle america or texas for that matter where football appears to be a big part of life, but everything about this show is about as perfect as you can get. incredible acting, writing, all comes together and shame on you for not watching. seriously, this show gives me goosebumps every week. plus there's tons of hot girls in the point where it makes dave hesitant to watch it.

late night with conan o'brien

i go to bed much earlier than i used to, but i know this is my favorite late night talk show. conan and his writing staff are always ridiculous. i would also add the daily show along with conan in that i know it is quality and funny, but i just rarely see it.

good eats

while i can pretty much watch anything on the food network, certain hosts annoy me...and no, i'm not talking about ray-ray. either way, alton brown's nerdy science + cooking show is always fun and informative.

i decided not to include shows i didn't like in that i really didn't watch them. but i know that grey's anatomy, family guy, desperate housewives, big brother, that charlie sheen show, that jim belushi show (is it even still on the air?), and the real world are all shows i despise and will be better if i never see them again.

what do you think? was i way off base? did i miss anything? comment!


jenna f said...

Hey Kevin!

This is such an excellent blog and a wonderful post. Aren't you sweet for saying you have a crush on me...I check for new entries from you every day. I'll talk to you later. :)

L Loughlin said...

i'm this blogs #1 fan. keep away jenna! he's all mine!

Dan said...

dave's right. tina fey is adorable.

Phil said...

i think you guys need to re-evaluate your criteria for fantasy girls. You're not supposed to pick a girl thats sensible, "adorable", and probably keeps a clean house. its supposed some really hot girl, most likely latina, personality should only weigh very minimally if at all.