Friday, January 25, 2008

because i like lasagna...of course

this past week or so i have seen 2 movies that both exceeded my expectations, but also make me a little embarrassed to praise. smiley face was a movie that louise and i had had our eyes on for a while. it basically looked like harold and kumar but with a girl. that girl being the very cute and underrated anna farris (who also kind of sounds like my roommate). either way, it was very funny and i personally thought her performance was hilarious...which i don't often say about female comedic actors. it was obviously ridiculous and over the top but captured the mindset of someone who is way too high very well. her "meta" thought process on garfield was spot on and besides the image of her sloppily running down the street may have been the most memorable part of the movie for me.

the other questionable movie that i really enjoyed this week was the brothers solomon. it stars will forte and will arnett as 2 brothers trying to have a baby. it is also ridiculous and unbelievable, but manages to be hilarious, if not a little uneven. i like both actors as well as co-stars kristen wiig and chi mcbride. there weren't particularly good videos on youtube for this movie, so i won't post any. but just know that the gags are plentiful. it got awful reviews (probably deservedly so), but that didn't stop me from enjoying it and buying it when it is on sale at best buy for $4.99.

again, with both of these movies, don't expect them to be "good" or "well-written" in the traditional sense. just know that if you are in the mood for a silly movie that, if you have a similar sense of humor as me, you will find funny, then i highly recommend both.

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