Tuesday, January 8, 2008

music of 2007

i am attempting to get caught up on planned blog entries, but at the same time i realize that once i do catch up...i won't have anything to blog about...quite the quandary...eh? more best of lists you ask? indeed.

i enjoy music...maybe not quite as much as when i was a teenager...but i still listen and enjoy plenty for everyone. some (phil) often accuse me of not liking things that are considered mainstream. that's just not true. i like some mainstream music. the problem is, a lot of it is crap...specifically formulaic crap or shiite (for my british readers). lots of indie or unknown music is just as bad as the lame mainstream music, the difference is...you never hear it. only the good stuff gets through. there's not a similar filter in popular music, where if a record company puts enough money behind something, it will be popular. but as i mentioned before, i'm not saying all music you hear on mtv is bad...just enough of it to not bother watching.

similarly to my movie list, i will just list whatever i think of first (not in order of how like them)...with the hopes that it did come out in 2007. there will probably be glaring omissions...but oh well.

beirut - the flying club cup

sort of like traveling through some shady corner of eastern europe accompanied by gypsies and the man with the most hypnotic voice i have ever heard. probably the album i sing along with most when i am alone in my car even though i don't know many of the lyrics.

the arcade fire - neon bible

this is what most alt-rock should strive to be...they pick up where funeral left off and continue to take chances, make me feel something and remain genuine.

amy winehouse - back to black

hmmm...she sure is fucked up looking...and crazy, but all that matters is her ridiculously soulful voice. i don't know if she wrote these songs, but whoever was involved in the writing and especially the production of this album are genius (please don't be kanye). every song is a winner and could be on the radio.

arctic monkeys - favourite worst nightmare

i didn't think i would like this band when they first came out...considering they are called the arctic monkeys...it seemed like one of those let's just combine some random "hilarious" terms to form a hip band name type situations. well their first album was ridiculously catchy and this sophomore follow-up is probably equally as good. the album has 13 tracks, each probably around 3 minutes of pop joy.

bat for lashes - fur and gold

ok, so i had never heard of this band before seeing the donnie darko-esque video for what's a girl to do, but about 30 seconds in, i knew i would like this album. i also like that the lead singer resembles bjork.

midlake - the trials of van occupanther

kind of lake grandaddy if they never mentioned technology, this album is another one i can find no fault with, unless i am not trying to listen to music that tells somber stories with soft melodies.

burial - untrue

i've read others refer to this album as perfect music to walk around alone in a big city to. i guess that makes sense. not for everyone, but it has gotten much play in my ipod....although not usually whilst in a big city.

radiohead - in rainbows

they're radiohead...

lcd soundsystem - sound of silver

yet another genius entry from james murphy and company, this album is kind of a musical buffet covering a spectrum of sounds, styles and emotions. all-you-can-eat? more like all-you-can-listen-and-love!!!

gogol bordello - super taranta!

more gypsy music...this of the more upbeat and celebratory vibe. best use of accordions since weird al? also, the lead singer might be out of his mind and it works to awesome effect.

feist - the reminder

she's mainstream...take that phil! anyways, incredible voice...check! wonderfully light and airy pop songs...check! apple commercial...check! i find the hip shake starting at the 00:26 mark of 1, 2, 3, 4 particularly killer for some reason.

dr. dog - we all belong

ugh...i hate hate hate this band name....but i think that means that i actually like it. while this album is kind of uneven and i wonder if i might find these guys questionable were i to meet them, there is little doubt that this album contains some incredible catchy neil diamond inspired gems.

food for animals - belly

ok...i waivered on whether to include this, as i am a bit biased in that i know them...er well at least 2 of the 3 main members. at the same time, i think part of why i liked the first album so much is that i was around them a lot during the whole process, so i really got to see the songs in various forms and can kind of associate tracks with specific moments and memories. now i find myself enjoying the new album but not in the same way as the first one, even though i know it's technically an improvement. maybe this speaks more to me growing apart from people and thus probably too personal to write about without feeling embarrassed. either way, this album is great as i expected. if you like crazy noise and non-dorky political hip-hop...you want this album.

ok, that's a lot more albums than i had intended or expected to mention. i guess i really didn't listen to much hip hop in 2007...i tend to go through phases where it's all or nothing. i still have not heard the new lil wayne or ghostface albums, but i am sure they are good...i'll get them soon. hopefully 2008 will be another good year in music and maybe i will have some music project that i can add to the list?...probably not. what did you think of the list? agree? disagree? what did i leave out? next up (hopefully) tv of 2007.

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