Friday, January 18, 2008

will arnett is a lucky dude

so yeah, work has been pretty busy and occasionally shitty at times, but after next week i should be back to goofing off as usual. in the meantime, i spotted the new trailer for "baby mama" starring tina fey and amy poehler. i'm with dave and dan on tina fey being cute, but i personally prefer amy poehler, who i thought was really cute even way back when she played andy's sister on conan. and before i get more yammering and arguing from phil about how these women that we think are hot don't look like latina supermodels, let me throw this bit of logic at you....shut your pie hole (but please continue to comment). i really liked mean girls and think tina fey is one of the few female comedians out there that is actually funny. i love anything amy poehler does and i particularly enjoy the look of crazy that is clearly evident in her eyes.'s the preview clip for baby mama (bonus...also including the hotly underrated maura tierney...sorry phil, she's not 17 and from bolivia)


Phil said...

Hey I remember when I saw this movie the first time and it was called Juno and funnier! ZING

kevin said...

i don't think i've seen this movie "juno and funnier" that you speak of....but i have heard some mixed things about the movie juno.