Friday, January 25, 2008

remember tv funhouse?

i have found memories of a short-lived television show, tv funhouse. this was the brainchild of genius robert smigel who is responsible for triumph the comic insult dog, the tv funhouse shorts on snl and many other retarded things. i really love triumph, but this show, at least as i remember, completely outclassed anything else smigel has done.

the basic premise was a kid's variety tv show hosted by an affable and alcoholic host. initially it would seem like a vanilla version of peewee's playhouse, but this show clearly took things to another level. first off, the show was very animal-centric, which i always appreciate. there was an absurd pairing of live animals interacting with puppet animals. the show was on long ago enough that i am having trouble remembering specifics. i also find it very odd that i never hear about this show seemed destined to live on forever as a cult show.

i searched youtube and found this clip:

that's all i could find. seriously? how did this not make it on to dvd...because i think the general public is ready for it and it would be quickly embraced.

i do have one specific memory that since i have not lost it yet, will probably be with me forever. it was a 5 minute sketch of all of these animals acting like people, eating in a restaurant. of course there was the obligatory mix of live animals interspersed among the puppet animals from which most of the dialog was coming from. anyways, the focus is on one table consisting of recurring characters on the show. they are all having a normal conversation and then order their meals. one character, which was a lobster ordered the lobster...which seemed pretty ridiculous to me at the time...but whatever...i was along for the ride. the conversation continues and then all of the meals are presented. all of the animals start chowing down and the lobster just kind of looks at his plate of lobster and nonchalantly requests a doggy bag to take his food home. the rest of the animals kind of shrug their shoulders and get back to eating. the lobster quickly and nervously takes his doggy bag and leaves the restaurant. next shot: it shows the lobster having sex with the dead lobster that he ordered for dinner.

...and i will leave it at that. these were the types of messed up things that occurred on this show that made it hard to watch and awesome at the same time. i hope to see it on dvd soon.

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