Tuesday, January 22, 2008

you can call me tom hatey

maybe it is because i have been busy at work...but the last post and this one i am about to write are rant-esque...and i am sure if laura read this she would go on about how i am so angry all the time...which i don't think is true. overall i enjoyed the weekend, but the columbia thing and the nfl playoffs were unsatisfactory to me.

so we all knew that the patriots were going to the superbowl. philip rivers sucks and the patriots are the patriots. prior to the games on sunday, i was talking to dave about the playoffs and comparing it to star wars, where the patriots are obviously the dark side. tom brady is darth vader and bill belichek is the emperor. randy moss was boba fett. brett favre was supposed to be han solo. i'm not a star wars nerd, but i felt it was a fairly relevant comparison.

well favre and the packers went ahead and screwed things up. they were awful and lost a game that they should have easily won. they made eli manning look like a fairly adequate qb, which is not easy to do. maybe he's ok...i dunno...i think i just have a problem with the dumb look he has on his face all the time. the packers had soooo many chances to win the game. i don't remember a lot of game specifics, but i know the giants kicker missed at least 2 field goals from like 35 yards away..including a miss at the end of regulation that would have won the game for the giants. the packers even won the coin flip in overtime and favre threw an awful pass that resulted in an interception. it just wasn't meant to be i guess.

but now look at the awful mess of a super bowl we have. i really hate both teams, and chris' man-crush on antonio pierce aside, i don't think any of my friends wanted this either. i strongly dislike both teams and as a result, i really have no interest in watching the super bowl. i would have loved watching favre defy the odds and pull out a gritty win against the evil patriots...but instead we have stupid eli and the redskin rival giants facing the patriots in what will surely be an unamusing comedy of errors.

we had a stretch of good superbowls in the late 90's and early 00's. but the last few have been stinkers and this one may go down as my least favorite of all time. remember watching derrick mason coming one yard short of winning the superbowl at the end of the game for the titans? or remember watching john elway lead his team to victory...scrambling his old ass out of the pocket and taking a big hit that flipped him around...just to get the first down? well that's not gonna happen this year. instead we have 2 very unlikeable teams (at least to me) that will play a boring game in which the patriots will abuse the giants like i abused phil in left-handed arm wrestling.

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