Thursday, January 3, 2008

movies of 2007

along with television, i also watch a lot of movies. i don't go to the theaters much because it is expensive, there are often inconsiderate people in the theater and it is also expensive. instead i have a netflix account that i love and which i have discussed in a prior post. i have seen a bunch of movies in 2007. the last few years definitely blend together a lot for me, but here are the movies i believe i experienced for the first time in the year 2007 that i really enjoyed.

no country for old men

this is the last great movie i saw this year, so it is fresh in my mind. a pretty simple story about a guy who finds a sack of money at a drug deal gone bad. he keeps it and is pursued by a crazy guy who wants the money. all the while, a small town sheriff is sort of trying to get the crazy guy. directed by the coen brothers, james brolin plays the money finder and is actually pretty badass. tommy lee jones plays himself as he sort of realizes he is old and kind of half-heartedly goes after the crazy guy. javier bardem who played gay cuban poet reinaldo arenas in before night falls transforms into a fucking unstoppable killing force while maintaining some sort of dumb and dumber style haircut. the goofy haircut makes things even scarier some how. again, i don't remember ever seeing a movie character that frightened me as an adult like bardem in this movie.

knocked up

i mentioned this movie in an earlier post while discussing my appreciation for judd appatow, seth rogan and the rest of their crew. it was an honest romantic comedy disguised as a hilarious movie with a lot of assy people playing themselves and behaving like i thought when i was 19 years old. everyone (except for dumb katherin heigel) is cast perfectly in this movie.

tekkon kinkreet

while i usually fall asleep half an hour into most anime movies, this one really kept my attention. first of all, the animation is beautiful. the story revolves around 2 orphans living in this big city. the city is just vibrant and really seems alive. there is equal parts action, tear jerking drama and straight up weirdness. that formula works for me!

the bourne ultimatum

ok, so technically i was so drunk when i saw this in the theater, i literally remembered nothing about this movie. well i watched on dvd last week and it was awesome. not quite as awesome as the first one...but it was definitely fun to watch from beginning to end. who knew matt damon could fuck your shit up like that?


a luc besson movie where an angel falls to earth to help save a down on his luck con man. they fall in love. it may sound simple, but it was simply charming. the girl is ridiculously hot too. this was probably the most surprising movie for me last year.

there were countless other movies that i also enjoyed, but those were the first ones i thought of. while i have seen many crappy movies within the last year, mainly awful low budget horror movies that i netflix in hopes of discovering a hidden gem, there were many movies i chose not to see because i knew they would not be good.

movies i did not see but hate

wild hogs

when i think about this movie i throw up in my mouth a little bit. i really hate john travolta and tim allen. ugh...soooo unfunny. but the whole premise of old guys in midlife crisis mode buying motorcycles and finding adventure was so busted form the beginning. while i like martin lawrence and william h. macy, it really makes no difference. the mere existence and subsequent success of this movie really makes me question our country's culture. they should have just replaced macy and lawrence with nicholas cage and robin williams....

shrek the 3rd

i hate mike meyers. his stupid scottish accent got old before when i married an axe murderer. wayne's world was good. the first austin powers was great...but fuck mike meyers and his stupid shrek movies.

pirates of the caribbean 3

i only saw the first one and some may disagree...but it was lame and about 90 minutes too long. i can only assume things got worse.

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